#2014BloggerChallenge: My Favourite Books

Reading. Putting your mind into the mind of someone else. Books make us laugh, cry and anger us. Reading is irreplaceable. There is nothing like it. And that is why this week's #2014BloggerChallenge is about our favourite books.

I have read many good books. I like your typical teenage girl rom-coms of the book world. You know, the cheeky summer romance books where a girl has some issue and somehow through solving this issue she falls in love or the issue is falling in love. In other words, every Sarah Dessen book. But I like a little bit more substance than Sarah Dessen has to offer. I like a twist or something to keep me entertained and remind me this isn't just like every other book for teenage girls.

Despite what I just said about substance, I do really like Sarah Dessen's books. They're light and make you happy and sappy. Similar to that, one I really liked  Sixteenth Summer by Michelle Dalton. I liked it so much that I've actually read it multiple times.

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As for romantic reads with twists I've really liked Beautiful Creatures and the Delirium series. They were both such chilling and mesmerizing fantastical love stories. They both have senses of reality, especially Beautiful Creatures. They are both good quality, stunning works of literature.

I also like a bit of fantasy. I tend to lean towards books in the fantasy genre that have a quality of relatability and being realistic. I read a few of the Harry Potter books when I was younger but now I'm trying to get through the entire series and have been absolutely loving them. They're just so charming (isn't that punny) and witty. I also loved the Alanna series by Tamora Pierce when I was younger. They are about a girl that wants to go to an all boys knight school and has to disguise as a boy for four years. The story seems very real and historic but actually takes place in a mystical kingdom.

A few other YA books I've loved is It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini, Swim the Fly by Don Calame and Carpe Diem by Autumn Cornwell.
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It's Kind of a Funny Story is an in-depth, fiction look at a teenage boy's life with depression. He ends up going to an adult psych ward and is all about how he got there and all that happens while he is there. The author actually spent time in a psych ward and I think gives a pretty authentic view of life in that sort of establishment. It's also a movie which came out in 2009 and costars Emma Roberts.
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Swim the Fly is a hilariously raunchy novel where 3 adolscent boys about fourteen years of age have a goal to see a real naked girl by the end of the summer. Definitely the funniest novel I have ever read. Carpe Diem is a book about an extremely smart and driven girl who ends up on a summer long adventure with her crazy, creative minded grandma in Southeast Asia. Full of crazy people, culture and a bit of romance, it's a perfect read. The main character's intelligence and surprise plot twists provide enough substance to make it more than your typical beach read. This book really makes you want to "Carpe Diem".

I hope you all now have a few more books to add to your reading list. What are some of your favourite books? I would love to hear in the comments!


  1. Great post - I love anything by the Bontes, Daphne du Maurier to a good old biography about 1930's movie stars. I read a bit of all sorts I will admit, although never much chic lit for YA. Anything that's good for an escape.



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