Ugly Sweaters

Well, it's practically October and we all know what that means- Ugly Sweater Season! Yay! I love cozy sweaters, ugly or not. From cozy cardigans to overly-warm cable knit to those infamous Christmas sweaters. In fact, as I'm writing this, I am sitting in my big beige cardigan that has holes and paint all over it. (Yes, I have washed it.) The great part about ugly sweaters is that they can be so beautiful and fashionable as well.

For cardigans, I like wearing layers with them. Scarves, plain shirts and printed shirts all look fabulous with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. Or you can put them over a light dress with tights and boots for fall. I like the contrast of something light and airy, like a lacy cami and an oversized sweater.

As for pullover sweaters I like layering plaid or denim button-downs either under or over a light sweater. They also look fantastic with scarves and blazers.

The secret to pulling off a classy yet comfy fall look is a balance of light and heavy layers. Making sure your sweater isn't twelve sizes too big will always make it look better. Wearing nice pants and boots is always a plus. And who said a little red lipstick didn't hurt either (simple yet chic). Wearing comfy clothes is so relaxing but can also be very fashionable if you add a dash of chic to your look.

Beginning of September "Blist"


What is a blist, you might ask? A blist is a list of things I have obsessed over or gone on a "blitz" about during a month or so. So here it goes, my first ever blist:

1. Clean and Clear Morning Burst Skin Brightening Facial Scrub. I've been so impressed with it. It doesn't help with acne but it feels so good and wakes me up in the morning. Plus, it has a bit of shimmer, caffeine and is a pretty colour.

2. St. Ives Green Tea Cleanser. I use this as well as the Clean and Clear scrub to help with my acne. It really cleanses and feels like you just washed your face with a deep-cleaning, sudsy soap.

3. Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme Cover-Up. I don't have to wear a stinking face load of make up to cover up a few pimples. Yay! It blends in so well and I can use my fingers to apply. Plus a little goes a long way therefore a rarely have to buy new make-up. Double yay!

4. The Kloons. The Kloons are these three hilarious, hippie men hailing from the New York area who make YouTube videos every Friday and cuts, bloopers and extras every Wednesday on their second channel. Over the summer they were finalists on the internet series "Internet Icon" (YouTube, YOMYOMF Network)  Their hipster wit and almost-failed flirtatious schemes will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. Check them out here: and here:

5. Arctic Monkeys. This funky indie-rock band will make you so joyful. With their new album "AM" just out there's a lot of well-deserved buzz going on about them right now.

6. Greek and Middle Eastern food. Over the summer I fell in love with Shrawmas, Tatziki and Gyros. Can food get any better? Um, I don't think so.

What am I excited for that's coming up in the next month? Finally the return of new episodes of decent television shows! Especially New Girl. (I've been waiting forever for the return of Nick and Jess and their kind of amazing relationship.)

What am I desperately missing this month? Garnier-Fructis Curls and Shine Curl Sculpting Creme-Gel. My hair is in desperate need of the sculpting power. I used this product for about two years and it worked so well for me and now I can't find it in stores anywhere! I'm so dissapointed :(


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