What You Actually Need to Bring to College

I survived my first year of university living in residence/dorms. Of course there are no-brainer items you need to bring like sheets, clothes, etc. But there are a few items you'd think are no-brainers but are easy to forget or think they're not important. I've compiled a little list of things that you should bring/buy/stock up on before move in day:

  1. Scissors. You don't realize how much you use them until you don't have them.
  2. Lysol wipes. They're perfect for cleaning your tiny place. You can clean up spills and stains with them. They're also perfect for dusting off surfaces. 
  3. Nail kit. I know it seems like you never use them but you use them more than you think. 
  4. Things you regularly use when you're sick. Remember you no longer have access to your mom's overstocked medicine cabinets and pantry. Remember to pick up things like hot water bottles, neocitran, tea you like, vaporub, cough drops/syrup, pepto bismol, whatever you will make you feel better and more at home when you come down with a cold. Colds and flus are rampant in dorms due to the lack of sleep, sharing facilities like bathrooms, lots of drinking, stress, etc. 
  5. Mug and Caffeine (tea, instant coffee). No matter what you need a good mug and access to cheap caffeine in university at all times. Even if you have access to coffee and tea in a dining hall and/or are close to coffee shops like I was you need cheap, easy to make caffeine for late study nights either in your room, common room or library. Caffeinated green tea is a good choice for all nighters. Instant coffee (I like the flavoured nescafe ones), hot chocolate mix, teas, chai mix are all good choices. Also I would suggest buying a travel mug for early mornings and late night study sessions in the library. 
  6. Cup for alcohol. Let's be real. University students drink. A lot. Even if you're not a big drinker like myself, a plastic cup or mason jar style mug are perfect for lugging your preferred drink to the inevitable dorm party. We actually got drinking mugs during our frosh/101 week but they're not great quality so it's good just to pick one up from the dollar store. 
  7. Water bottle. Having multiple classes in a day or row will leave you parched and carrying a water bottle around all the time is necessary. 
  8. Advil/Tylenol or preferred pain medicine
  9. A large supply of tampons/pads, if you're female of course. 
  10. Large supply of underwear/socks. You will not want to do laundry. You will be busy. You won't have time. Or you straight up will be too lazy to walk your laundry to the laundry room. And you will have literally used all of the underwear and socks you own in every way imaginable. Even if you're not lazy with laundry, laundry adds up if you have to pay for it. I did a major la senza haul before I went to school and had enough socks and underwear to get through a month without doing laundry. 
  11. Shower caddy. Of course this is only necessary if you have a shared bathroom not connected to your room or unit like I did. 
  12. Bathrobe. Definitely not necessary. But this definitely makes sharing showers and avoiding having to do the uncomfortable walk between your room and the bathroom (if your room/unit doesn't connect to the bathroom) in a towel. 
  13. Large supply of snacks, chocolate and candy. Even if you have a meal plan a large supply of things like granola bars is great to have for between back-to-back classes or during long study sessions. It will save you money and are a great pick me up. University is hard you need sugary snacks to get you through. Whether it be gummys, chocolates or candies. Buy some in bulk and eat them during heartbreak, while studying, etc. Also, even if you have a meal plan some premade soups or cup-a-soup, kraft dinner, ramen noodles or whatever other quick-make meals you like. 
  14. Tide to Go. 8:30 classes, coffee travel mug, 'nuff said. 
Good luck!

Where Have I Been?


Some of you may be wondering where have I been the last 10 months or so. Well, to say the least I've been busy in the last year.
As I talked about in my last post  last winter/spring I dealt with a lot of anxiety and panic attacks along with school stress. This September I moved across the country to start my bachelor's degree at university. To say the least, the last eight months has been an adventure and a half. I went to New York.

I studied hard. I made friends. I partied. I drank a lot of coffee. I went on dates. I watched foreign films. I went shopping. I ate brunch.

I studied. I went to Montreal. I went to a drag show in Montreal. I studied.

But I love to write. I love to talk. I love to put my voice out into the world. And I missed blogging and having a platform to put my voice out there. As you've probably noticed the blog has changed its appearance. It'll probably change a bit more in the next week as I fix a few little odds and ends.

I might not be as active as I once was two years ago with this blog but you can expect the occasional post. I also want to not just write about beauty. I want to write about food and cooking a lot more. I want to discuss issues more. I want to talk about everything. And I hope that the few of you that follow me will continue to tag along.

Anxiety and Body Image

This is a hard post for me to write. I've tried writing it a number of times and each time it's brought back a lot of emotions that I don't want to feel. But I think I'll be able to get through it this time.

My few readers may have noticed that I have been absent for most of this year. First and foremost, I was pretty busy and my blog was sadly not a priority. I also have not been writing because this past semester was a rough one.

Throughout February and March I had terrible anxiety and panic attacks. There was a lot more drama and stress in my life than I was used to and I don't deal well with stress to begin with. The really unfortunate part is that when I have a panic attack I don't hyperventilate, I don't feel unbalanced or any of the normal signs of a panic or anxiety attack. Instead I throw up and lose my appetite. Being already a really petite person, this affected me greatly. I did lose some weight, not a lot numerically, but it really showed on me, due to my body's size. On top of it I looked stressed and worn out most of the time. Living in a small town where I am related to a lot of people, it got a lot of people worried, which made it even worse.

I've always had a healthy attitude toward food. I love healthy food, especially fruits and veggies but I also have a major sweet tooth. I have always eaten whatever I wanted when I wanted because I don't have to worry about it.

I have since recovered from my panic and anxiety attacks and not had one in a few months. I cut out the people in my life that were causing me drama and stress. My appetite is normal again and I've been eating lots as well as exercising again to try and gain some muscle.

Unfortunately I have been unable to gain back the weight due to my naturally high metabolism. People's comments have continued to stress me out. People don't realize how much their "caring" comments hurt. I have to deal with these added body issues from my anxiety myself already without peoples' comments. A lot of my jeans don't fit me anymore. At prom, my corsage didn't fit around my wrist and I had to wear it halfway up my forearm. These things already feel like stabs into my body confidence, without people always commenting on my body. Saying "why are you so thin?" or "you need to put some meat on your bones" doesn't help. Since when did it become okay to comment on anybody's body? Like most things in life, I've always looked at the positives of my body rather than the cons. I see my nice eyes and hair, toned legs and great butt rather than my unclear skin, the scabby zits on my shoulders and lack of curves. But I allow these negative comments from others to stress me out. Am I eating too little? Am I eating enough sweets? Have I gained any weight? It's not okay to be constantly worrying about it. So I try not to.

It's not okay to comment on anybody's weight or physical flaws. Everyone is their own worst critic, so why make that little voice in their head even louder with your comments? We all have struggles- in life and with our bodies. We are all still beautiful. I might not have that many curves and be bony and weak, but I have beautifully strong legs and a great butt and I am beautiful.

How To Chill And Not Worry

When I was younger I worried about very little. But in the last year and half I have definitely become more of a worry-wart and anxiety ridden person. It can be really hard to deal with. Last year I learned to control my anxieties about school. In the past few months, relationships in my life have changed, for the better for the most part, but under circumstances that are not what I'm normally used to. I have had to realize that overthinking, being clingy and not being chill is not only hurting me, but also those around me. This is what I'm currently learning and what I have learned:

1. Don't have unrealistic expectations of yourself or others. Realize what things are for what they truly are, not what you want them to be. Don't let the dreamer in you get too carried away. There's nothing wrong with being optimistic, just make sure it's realistic.

2. Don't sweat the small stuff. Will this matter in ten, twenty, eighty years? Probably not. He didn't text you back right away? He probably still likes you and thinks highly of you and is probably just busy. You get a not so great grade on a test? It's probably not going to affect your grade that much and you'll study harder for the next one.

3. Look at the bright side. Are you still happy? Is it still a decent mark when you put it into perspective?

4. Accept that nothing will be perfect, go exactly as planned, or how you imagined it would.

5. Use outlets for your emotions. If you love to reflect and overthink, but also kind of hate it, use outlets for your emotions. For me, I love to talk and rant and write. My two best friends literally only hear about the bad things and problems in my life. How they're still my friends, I do not know. I also like to write. Which is why I'm writing this post

6. Don't assume the worst. Be realistic, realize the truth, but don't assume the worst.

7. Distract yourself. When I find myself getting anxious about something I absorb myself in a TV Show or book or have fun with friends. Unplugging is the best way to chill.

I hope these little tips and tricks can help you feel a bit more chilled out and I hope that I can practice what I preach a little more. Cheers!


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