A Sufficiently Girly Weekend + Haul

If you didn't read my January Blist you wouldn't know that I have been obsessed with missglamorazzi and beauty videos in general. Because of this I've been craving to just wander around a shopping centre/area/mall of some sort and buy and look at pretty things. Living in the country I can't just go shopping on the weekend or one day after school making this dream impossible to become a reality. Therefore I was really glad to hear that my family and I were going into a nearby city for the weekend and that I could have the whole Saturday for myself to meet friends at the mall. Obviously I bought stuff and tried (and failed) to be a typical white girl for the day. And obviously I restrained myself from buying things but am telling you to go check out and/or buy because I regret not buying them/wish I had the money to buy them. 

Stuff I did buy:

 Blue wallet- Bentley
Denim clutch with stars- given to me
Sunglasses- a random kiosk in the mall
Imagine sweater + Emerald green top- Smart Set
Tank tops- Bluenotes
Green Bubbleroon- Lush

Adventures at Lush, Sephora, Bath & Body Works, etc:
I always love looking around Lush but the only thing I've ever bought was a tiny thing of their Sexy Peel soap which I loved but whenever I go in there I restrain myself from buying things. This time, however I went a little cray cray and bought a bubbleroon. (I know, insane.) As I was paying for it, I noticed they had samples of their lip products at the cash. I had heard such good things about them that I had to test one. I tried their Latte lip tint and I now wish so badly that I bought one. In fact, every time my lips felt a little chapped throughout the day, I found my way back to Lush just to use more of their sample. 
Also, I tried their Shine On Split End Treatment and now I want that as well. Next time, I swear I won't restrain myself (too much.)

I also went to Bath & Body Works. Once again, every time I go there I smell all their candles for like 30 minutes and then don't buy anything. Frankly, because I don't like spending $22 on most things, let alone a candle. That said, they did have a few $10 3-wick ones. Anyway, all their spring scents are out (which seems really early, does it not?) Of their travel collection I really liked Cheers to Capri. If you don't like lemon you won't like this because it smells like a delicious lemon cake, but a really strong one. As for their spring scents I loved Oceanside, Beach Cabana, Espresso, Sicilian Orange and Bellini Cafe. All of them were really fresh, tropical scents except for Espresso which is an extremely intense chocolate and coffee scent. I liked it but the friend I was with did not.

Another stop was American Eagle because they had some sales. Generally, I'm not crazy about them because once again, I'm cheap and don't like spending $50 on a hoodie. They definitely had some nice things. Unfortunately, all the things I liked were from their spring collection so they were full price. They had some beautiful tank tops and a gorgeous white lace top and headbands. If you don't mind spending a bit of money, I suggest looking in there. 

Already being such a typical white girl by wandering around the mall with a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks and spending like a good 45 minutes overall smelling candles that day, I had to stop by Sephora. (Seeing as I don't like spending money and all.) Naturally, I was drawn to the Naked Palettes because I had only seen them virtually. Oh man, they were glorious. Of course I tested some of the colours on my wrist. Surprisingly, I wasn't drawn to any of the colours in the third palette, but I loved the ones in the first and second. Don't get me wrong, I love rosy eyeshadow, a lot, but I think because I wear a lot of pinks, I didn't want it. I wanted the browns and golds from the first two because I don't always wear those colours, but really like them. 

Overall, I had a wonderful day at the mall. The next day we drove home and I cleaned my room. Of course, I ended my sufficiently girly weekend with a bubble bath (where I tried my new Lush product which I fell in love with), a face mask and painting my nails. Now I'm breathing the lotion scent and nail polish fumes from hands as I eat chocolate and type this. A perfect end to a sufficiently girly weekend. 

I guess that will have to hold me over for a month or two until I can get another girly shopping, candle smelling day or two. I hope you all had a good weekend. Cheers!



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