Boxing Week Haul

Second beauty post and third post this week, look at me go! I got some money for Christmas from some of my relatives and just happened to be going into the city after Christmas which meant I couldn't resist a few gifts for myself.

I had been eyeing up some sweaters from Joe Fresh was finally able to get two which are so cozy and fit just perfectly.

I finally jumped on the Essie train. I've wanted to for so long but they're so pricy compared to the crappy $2 nail polishes I usually buy but I figured Christmas money was the perfect excuse to jump on that train. I bought the colours ballet slippers and chinchilly. Ballet slippers is the perfect nude light pink colour and chinchilly is a grey-lavender colour that will be perfect for winter. I also was in need of a decent top coat so I decided to inm's Out the Door Top Coat which I had never seen before.

I was also in need of a few basic cosmetics. My Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer is getting low so I figured I'd pick one up. I also picked up a new eyeliner which is the Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in Espresso. My best friend raves about this and you don't have to sharpen it so I thought I'd test it out. I've been eyeing up the Olay Fresh Effects Shine, Shine Go Away Shine Minimizing Cleanser as I've been trying to find a creamy acne or oil-eliminating cleanser that actually lathers up for the last year. Believe me, it's been more of a challenge than you think. But this one actually does lather up, so it looks very promising.

I hope you're all having a good start to 2015. Cheers!

2014 Recap

I know that your bloglovin feed is probably filling up with these posts like crazy, but I had to join in.

2014 Recap:
2014 has been the absolute craziest, most eventful, but most fun-filled year yet. And it has gone by so fast.
The first few months brought a lot of success academically and me falling in love with the online beauty and blogging community.
The spring and summer brought lots of fun things- Saturdays in the city with my besties, boys, fun with school friends.
The fall brought lots of hope and excitement for things to come in this school year and becoming to closer to a few people. To be honest, I'm still kind of in this season.

What I Learned in 2014: 
1. Your views will change and alter with time, just like you do.
2. Love, relationships and boys are confusing, mysterious such wonderful and painful things all at the same time.
3. Taking risks is okay.
4. You have to live in the moment and go after what you want in life.
5. You don't have to be perfect. We all make stupid mistakes. We're not always responsible all the time, though sometimes we have to be. And people don't judge you for these things as much as you probably think they do.
6. You have to make time for things.

What's Happening in 2015: 
2015 is going to bring so much excitement and new adventures and I could not be more excited and nervous for it all. I will be so busy, things will be changing and it's going to be so incredible.

So that was my 2014 and a vague account of what's going on and what will be happening in my life. Let me know in the comments what you are most excited for in 2015.


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