January Blist

The first month of 2014 is already over and I can't believe it. There have definitely been things I've been in love with this month and some I haven't been crazy about. 

Things I've Loved:

MissGlamorazzi. I subscribed to her channel in the beginning of December because I loved her #DIYDecember vlogs and after that was over I wasn't really crazy about her videos. I found them too girly and even thought about unsubscribing but over the last two weeks I've discovered that I actually really liked them and all her ideas are very natural and doable for everyday which is awesome.

All My Christmas Chocolate. It's almost gone and it has been so good.

Jennifer Lawrence. If you don't love her, you must have a problem. I've always loved here because she is flippin' hilarious but I finally watched the Hunger Games. (Took me long enough.) I really did enjoy it and am looking forward to seeing the next one. 

The Fact That Leonardo DiCaprio is finally nominated for an Oscar. Who isn't excited about that?

My new found, all glorious Granola Recipe. I will be doing a post on this sometime in February and will link it then. I've been enjoying it so much.

Macklemore's Grammy Performance. It was so powerful and inspiring that I've watched it multiple times since.

The 1975. I've been liking their music for probably about eight months now but I finally listened to their full album and it has been on repeat ever since. My favourite tracks are Chocolate, Girls, The City and Sex.

XO by Beyonce. Also, did you see her performance at The Grammys? I thought it was racy but she and Jay-Z were ridicously cute.

Buzzcut Season and Team by Lorde. They're both such beautiful songs.

Things That I Didn't Love:

Lorde's Grammy performance. She is a wonderful singer and I really like all of her songs but she needs to take some dance lessons from Beyonce. She also seems very shy and it shows in her performances.

The fact that it's still winter. Gross. 

Things I'm Looking Forward to:
Spring Time. I really need some sun and shorts weather.

Travelling in the spring.

Shopping for spring and summer clothes. I'm currently on a weekend getaway in the city and can't wait to shop tomorrow. Yay!

The Sunshine Award

I was nominated for the Sunshine Award by Jenny at http://jennyyou.blogspot.ca. Similar to the Liebster award, you are nominated if someone feels that your blog brings sunshine into the world.

1. Post 11 random facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions asked by the nominating blogger.
3. Nominate 11 bloggers you think bring sunshine into the world.
4. Come up with your own 11 questions to ask them!
11 Facts:
1. I get really bored when I'm not at school
2. I'm obsessed with Zoella, Alfie, Zalfie, Grace Helbig, MissGlamorrazzi and so many other YouTubers. Like I have a serious problem and become such a procrastinator when I get on YouTube.
3. I don't really know how to curl hair with a curling iron because I've never really had one. I just always use my straightener.
4. I love the show New Girl.
5. I'm caffeine obsessed.
6. I love looking through cookbooks.
7. I like really nicely decorated spaces. Though my room doesn't exactly say that.
8. I have seen the movie Sixteen Candles so many times.
9. I love learning about people's lives.
10. I love little bakeries, cafes and shops. I'm a huge supporter of small, independently owned businesses. 
11. I could watch sunrises and sunsets everyday in the summer, especially in the country.

11 Answers:

1. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
France or Italy.

2. You're stuck as a character in a horror movie, which stereotypical character do you think you would be?
I've never seen a horror movie. But probably one of the girls that screams horribly and dies right away. (I think that's a stereotype.)

3. Which school book left the best impression with you?
I've really liked all the books we've read in school, except for Lord of the Flies because I thought it was poorly taught. Probably Romeo and Juliet or Julius Caesar or The Outsiders by SE Hinton.

4. Tell us a joke.
What did Santa do when he saw Rudolph's report card? Rudolph, you have gone down in history!

5. You can sing a duet with any artist in the world (dead or alive), who would you choose?
Beyonce. She seems like a solid choice and we would have sick choreography when we perform it together at The Grammys or something.

6. If you could be in any Disney story, which would you choose?
I would not be in a Disney story, because a lot of them, especially the princess ones are kind of terrifying. I do not want to clean all the time or attempt to be murdered or be stuck in a tower. However I would love to be Agnes from Despicable Me.

7. What is something really embarrassing you remember doing as a child?
Looking back, I embarrassed myself on a daily basis (or at least fairly regularly)

8. What is your ultimate idea of a relaxation day?
A Saturday starting off with a relaxing breakfast of fruit, granola and a warm drink. I would have amazing hair and really comfy but chic outfit and simple makeup. Then meet at a cute cafe with friends for brunch. We'd then go shopping. And then I would go home where I would watch movies and TV, have a bubble bath and eat chocolate and macarons.
9. If you could befriend any fictional character, who would it be?
Jessica Day from New Girl. I think we would get along so well.

10. What is a song you have on your phone that would be considered as 'embarrassing'?
Forget a song, try a whole ABBA album.

11. What is a fashion trend that you will never understand?

11 Questions for my nominees:
1. Beauty product you can't live without?
2. Favourite classic book?
3. Best dressed at The Grammys?
4. Gloss, Balm or Lipstick?
5. Shower in the morning or before bed?
6. Biggest obsession right now?
7. Movie character you would befriend?
8. How do you like rooms to be decorated?
9. Favourite thing about living where you live?
10. Favourite candle scent?
11. Favourite store?

11 nominees?
Amicia Rai

Writing Prompt: I'm Like Smeigel?!

"Write down the interior monologue you experience when you sit down to write." - from 642 Things To Write About by The San Francisco's Writers' Grotto

Positive Voice: "This is gonna be great! You've got a caffeinated drink, a good playlist, everyone is out of the house. You are really going to write a fantastic blog post/article/chapter of a novel that you will probably never finish."

Negative Voice: "Took you long enough. It's already 11 am."

Positive: "Whatever. I got up as soon as everyone left at 10. Besides, I had to eat, do some chores, do some yoga, drink some coffee, read that new issue of Vogue, listen to some music, scroll through my social media, look somewhat presentable for sitting home alone all day in front of the computer. Geez!"

*Types a few lines
*Good song comes on
*Gets more coffee
*Does some dishes

Negative: "Get back to work! Stop dilly-dallying."

Positive: "Oooohhhh. Good word. You should really use it in that article about how beautiful our town is/ blog post about your monthly favourites/creative novel endeavor."

*Types a few more lines
*Re-reads what you've written so far

Positive: "That is one of your best yet!"

Negative: "But how do I transition to the next paragraph!? Ugh."

*Negative voice screams obscenities at computer
*Externally a few grunts of frustration and agitation come out

Positive: "Maybe tumblr or pinterest will have a good quote."

*Scrolls through tumblr and pinterest for five minutes.

Positive: "Ooohhhhh....I wonder if that dramatic Facebook argument ever died down. I wonder if that friend ever messaged you back. I hope that lady emailed me back. That was urgent! Ohhhh pretty picture. I must reblog that. I wonder if there's any new posts on Bloglovin. Why hasn't Zoella made a new video yet this week!? Miley Cyrus made a new music video that everyone's gawking at!? Well, I just have to see what all the fuss about it is."

*Checks all social media outlets

20 minutes later....

Negative Voice: "You lazy butt! Get to work!"

*Goes back to work

Negative Voice: "I still don't know how to transition into my next thought!"

Positive (In a high-pitched cheerleader voice): "You're a good writer! You can do this! Make your goals a reality! Yeah!" 


One hour later....... (with a few internet breaks)

Positive (cheerleader voice): "Yeah! You finished! Woo-hoo! Good job! Go you! You are such a good writer."

Negative: "And that is why you could never be a full time writer. You're constantly distracted."

Positive: "One day I will write a marvelous book. You'll see. I'll make a small fortune."

I really enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoyed reading this. And we've all discovered that inside my head lives Smeigel. Great.

Menu of Your Last Meal

If you were dying tomorrow, what would you have for your very last meal on this planet? It's kind of an eerie thought, yet kind of intriguing at the same time. What would you choose to eat or drink? Who would you eat it with? Who would make the food?

For me, this is a difficult situation. There's so much food to choose from that I think I would have to have a very wasteful amount of food.

For appies, I would have various dips, chips, veggies and cheeses. Like my favourite chili cheese dip, spanokapitas, tatziki and pitas, various Indian stuffed breads with homemade yogurt, my aunt's chicken wings, herb and garlic cheese spread, a classic onion soup dip and more. There would be enough hors d'oeuvres for at least three cocktail parties.

via courierpress.com
via redactedrecipes.com
via mylittlecelebration.com

For main courses I would have a delicious roast beef dinner with a ton of really good gravy, mashed potatoes and my grandma's yorkshire puddings. There would be many salads, vegetable casseroles and roast vegetables for sides. We would have my aunt's enchiladas with tons of beans and rice, salsa, guacamole and sour cream. We would have shawarmas and gyro wraps. We would have shrimp and steak and tons of really good pasta, especially fettucine alfredo with shrimp and chicken and Indian and Thai curries. Mmmmm.... I can taste it already.

via averagebetty.com
via my-footsteps-my-footprints.blogspot.com
via niyasworld.blogspot.com
via sunshineandtomatoes.blogspot.com

For dessert we would have a chocolate fountain obviously. There would also be chocolate mousse and my grandma's Skor cake. As well as good quality chocolates and of course, macarons from my favourite french bakery.
via simplyrecipes.com

For drinks there would be virgin cocktails and mango lassis during the main courses and appies. After dinner there would be a variety of specialty coffees and teas.

via tamalapaku.blogspot.com

I would eat dinner with my closest friends and family. Everyone would not gain weight from the meal and be able to eat everything and never get full. It would be the most magical meal of all time.

Study Playlist

It's exam time and I'm going mad studying. Which is why there's been so many writing prompts and there's more coming. Sorry. But I might as well write about what I'm up to. So here's my list of chill songs to listen to while your mind is busy trying to remember how to graph a parabola or for laying in bed with a book and a cup of coffee on a lazy weekend morning:
via graenenewyork.blogspot.com

via deviantart.net

Skyfall, Someone Like You and Turning Tables by Adele
Rebellion (Lies), Sprawl 2 (Mountains Beyond Mountains), The Suburbs and Wake Up by Arcade Fire
Heartburn by Architects
Boston by Augustana
Lost in the Light by The Bahamas
Skinny Love by Birdy
More Than A Feeling by Boston
Everlasting Light by The Black Keys
Fragile Bird by City and Colour
I've Got This Friend by The Civil Wars
Kathleen by David Gray
Everything Has Changed by Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift
Ed Sheeran's songs in general
Over the Love by Florence and The Machine
Forrest Gump by Frank Ocean
The Fray's songs in general
Wanted by Hunter Hayes
You and Your Heart by Jack Johnson
I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz
Silenced by The Night by Keane
Crazy One More Time by Kip Moore
Most of Lana Del Rey's songs
Between the Raindrops by Lifehouse ft. Natasha Beddingfield
White Blank Page and Where Are You Know by Mumford & Sons
Slow It Down by the Lumineers
I Don't Love You by My Chemical Romance
Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars
State of Grace and Red by Taylor Swift
Chocolate, Girls and Sex by The 1975 (Those are three different songs)
Hold On We're Going Home by Drake
Hate To See Your Heart Break and Last Hope by Paramore
Let Her Go by Passenger

I know it's a lot of songs, but these are some of my favourites and are definitely worth a listen. Cheers!

#2014BloggerChallenge: My Skincare Routine

It's that time again! For this challenge we were asked to talk about our skincare as it is winter and skincare is very important for this time of year. 

 Let's start with what I use when I have a shower. I tend to use The Body Shop's show gels, creams and soaps. I am currently using their coconut shower cream and strawberry soap bar. The coconut shower cream is also wonderful for putting in baths. Occasionally while I am in the shower I will use St.Ives' Apricot Scrub on my back, chest and face to exfoliate.

For cleansers outside of the shower, I like to use Clean & Clear's Morning Burst Skin Brightening Facial Scrub. This stuff is amazing. It really wakes you up and makes you feel refreshed. Plus it has caffeine in it for that extra boost in the morning. I love using it in the morning when I don't have time to shower and feel really tired, after spending extended time in a hot kitchen or after a long night or day. If I'm about to go to bed or my skin isn't very greasy I like to use St. Ives' Green Tea Acne Cleanser. If you use it with hot water it's like a hot bubble bath for your face. After I use one of those cleansers I follow up with Clean & Clear's Deep Cleaning Astrigent and Clean & Clear's Morning Burst Moisturizer.
via 5thvillage.com

I tend to have very acne prone skin so I like to cover up skin if nothing else when I put on makeup. Typically I use Covergirl's Clean Whipped Creme Foundation in #305 as a concealer or light foundation followed by a generous dusting of Rimmel London's Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder in Natural #003. If I feel that my cheeks need a bit of colour for whatever reason, I warm them up with New York Color's Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in Rose Glow #725A. I tend to not use much blush or bronzer as my skin has pink undertones and I get flushed quite easily. In fact, if you know of a good bronzer for fair skin, please comment below. I often put a bit more moisturizer over my make up as I have very dry skin and I find that putting on makeup highlights dry areas, often near my blemishes. If I have a bit more time or an important event, I use the Covergirl Foundation as a concealer and use L'Oreal Paris's True Match Super Blendable  Makeup in W2 Light Ivory.

I hope that winter isn't being to harsh to your skin. I would love to hear about your favourite skincare products as I often don't know what to buy. Cheers!

Bucket List: Places I'd Like To Go But Aren't My Number One Priorities

Welcome to the third segment of my bucket list. This list are the places I would like to go visit but didn't make the cut for the first segment (link).

I would love to see all the Mediterranean countries. There's no real attraction or reason for me to go to Spain, but I would love to just hang out in the hot weather and beaches, like I would in most of the places on my bucket list. I've also never heard any complaints about Spain.

via flickr
The Countryside and South of France
I am such a sucker for beaches, so I would love to see Southern France. Plus, we always hear about Paris
and Southern France but never the countryside, other than "that's where the wine and cheese are made." So I would like to see the wine country/countryside just for my own curiousity.

via tumblr
via tumblr

This one was the one I really questioned whether or not to put it on the first list. The culture is amazing there. The markets look just wonderful and so out of my own little world.
via moroccanproud.tumblr.com
via instagram
I would love to learn how to properly salsa dance. I kind of know the basics, but I would love to know the proper way and I think the only way to know would be to go to Brazil. Plus it's an excuse for more beaches. I would also love to explore the rainforest.
via weheartit.com
 South and Central America in general
I think this would be a wonderful backpacking adventure to do in college. There's lots of hiking, nature and culture that would make a good, cheap trip for college.

The UK: London and Edinburgh
I had never really wanted to go the UK, but I've recently realized that it might be a fun little place to visit. Edinburgh looks especially charming. I would also like to travel around to the smaller villages because they all look so enchanting and majestic.
via flickr
 Hawaii, Preferably Kaua'i
Hawaii is one of those places everyone seems to go to eventually and it's very commercialized, but I've heard that despite the grand resorts, it's still really beautiful. The reason I'd want to go specifically to Kaua'i is that most people don't go there. Everyone seems to go to Maui or Hawaii or Oahu, but Kaua'i is the Garden Island. I really like flowers and it's not as commercialized so I feel that I would be able to see more wild flowers that are natural to the habitat and the natural scenery than I would on the other islands.
via ifoundmygreatperhaps.tumblr.com

via tumblr
Beaches, surfing, kangaroos. What more could anyone want?

via ourbeautifulcities.tumblr.com
New Zealand
This place has incredible scenery. That's really the only reason I'd want to go.
via flickr

The Alps sound fabulous. I would love to stay in a chalet and ski all the time.
via flickr

Near Thailand, this place has the qualities of Southeast Asia but has some really tourist-y things to do. Things like tubing down the rivers and ziplines. The only thing is, it's not the most together of countries so I would be weary of ziplining or doing anything extremely dangerous.
via tumblr

I hope you guys enjoyed this saga. I love bucket lists and traveling so I really enjoyed writing this. I hope you enjoyed reading it just as much.

Would You Read a Book Without a Happy Ending?

I've often thought this. The real world has unhappy endings. People commit suicide, people die lonely, people are nasty. Yes, they could have seen a counselor, dealt with their issues, been nicer and gone out of their house. But books, TV shows and movies have all given us these unrealistic standards that as soon as something dramatic, drastic or difficult happens in our lives we will end up okay and with a romantic partner that loves us completely and unconditionally all in the matter of a few days, weeks or months. Like that's realistic. I'm a teenage girl and I have not yet met a teenage girl or a boy that has had something horrible or odd happen to them and end up with their soul mate. 

Really? Yeah, but not in like three days. Healing takes time. Stupid authors 
(via godisheart.blogspot.com)

Sure, soul mates exist, I totally believe that, but in the lives of teenagers and most single adults, timing is a bitch. And no timing happens in three days. (Sorry Sixteen Candles.)

(via he-must-really-love-me.tumblr.com)

My point is, if a book existed that was actually realistic about the love lives of teenagers and young people, would you read it? If you assumed a book was another sappy, young love story in the YA section and then you discovered that the ending was heartbreaking, where the character did not the guy or whatever, would you be okay with it? Or would you be horrified and upset that the author would have the nerve to be realistic?

I've always wondered if an author dared to go against the love humans have for positive endings would the book even be published? And if it was published, would humans accept it?

I would love for you to cure my curiosity on this subject and comment below with your thoughts. Cheers!

Bucket List: Things I Want To Do

Welcome to the second part of my bucket list posts. This is the things I would like to do or accomplish in my life. Some of them are ridiculous. Some are goals that are going to be hard to reach. Some are just for fun or to cure my own curiousity.

Go To University

Have a job that I love that preferably has something to do with helping people and working with kids and teens.

Get married

Have kids


Be in the Ellen DeGenres audience

Swim with dolphins

Walk in a tropical rainforest

Buy an awesome house

Go to a spa

Dive off a cliff into the ocean

Swim or snorkel in a coral reef

Swim under a waterfall in a tropical place

Ride an elephant

Ride a camel

Make a pretty wedding cake with white fondant and piping pattern

Change someone's life for the better

Play hide and go seek in Wal-Mart

Volunteer somewhere in Africa

Become fluent in French

Learn some Italian

Live in a desirable city like Paris or New York for a few months or a year

Finish writing a novel

Go to a music festival

See a ballet

Live a life full of culture with lots of good food, traveling, going to shows, etc.

Live a happy life filled with smiles, laughter and love

What is on your bucket list? I would love to hear in the comments below. Cheers!

#2014BloggerChallenge: New Year's Inspiration

The first topic of the #2014BloggerChallenge was to share a quote or picture that inspires you and will inspire your readers in the New Year. 


This year is really going to be a deciding factor for my future. It's going to be stressful but I have complete faith that I can do it. I've always worked hard and this year's not going to be any different.

This past year was rather stressful for me and I worried about stuff I had never worried about before. There were definitely times that I actually scared myself and was acting unlike me. This next year is going to be a stressful year but I know I can make it. But despite my stress, I have to be kind to people no matter how tough it is.

So there are my goals and inspiration: to work hard, not stress or worry and be kinder. I think these are very universal goals that everyone should strive for for their entire life. Sure, losing weight or being more organized are great goals and they might improve your life but if you don't try or work hard at whatever you do, whether it be school, jobs, hobbies or your goals and aren't kind to others then achieving your other goals and improving your life will be nearly impossible.

Bucket List: The Places I Would Not Be Okay With Not Seeing

'Tis the time of year to make goals and convince yourself that you are magically going to transform your life into one where you're always in the moment, smiling, adventuring, taking pictures, etc. But I decided to take a different route and do a few posts over the next week or so about bucket lists. I love lists and bucket lists are my favourite. I have a very big bucket list so I decided to divide this new segment into three parts: traveling: the places I wouldn't be okay with not seeing, to do and traveling: the places I would be okay not seeing. So without further adieu, here is part 1 of my bucket list: The Places I Would Not Be Okay With Not Seeing:

Paris, France
I think if you travel a lot and never go to Paris then you're doing traveling wrong. There must be a reason it's one of the top tourist places in the world. The food, the fashion, the culture all seems so magnificent.
Both pictures via tumblr

All of Italy
Rome, Venice, Milan, Sicily, Amalfi, Florence, I would love to see it all. The food, the history, the culture. Oh my goodness, it all looks so amazing. Italian food is definitely one of my favourite types of food. And their language is incredibly bello.

Amalfi via sanatkaravani.tumblr.com

Rome via tumblr
Venice via flickr
Lago di Como via flickr
I love Indian food. And of course, the Taj Mahal is a spectacle. Plus the Goa Coast looks like a big beach party waiting to happen.

via flickr
Monsoon Shore, Goa via tumblr
Caribbean Islands
I use to have millions of pictures of the white sand beaches and resorts all over the walls of my room. I love the ocean and the Caribbean islands seem to have the most majestic of waterfronts.

via tumblr
Hong Kong 
I don't really have a particular reason for wanting to go to Hong Kong, it just seems like a very bustling and bright city that would be interesting to visit.

New York City
I think this is a pretty self-explanatory one.

via tumblr
San Francisco, California
I don't think I would enjoy LA very much but San Fran seems like a wonderful little place. It's one of those places people don't usually go to for a particular reason. There's no great monuments or museums or resorts. There's nothing really tourist-y but it looks like an interesting and beautiful little city where you could walk around with the family and take photos and window shop in for a few days.

via tabooz.tk
Oregon Coast, USA
I would love to just drive and camp down the Washington and Oregon coast. I think that would be such a fun trip to do with a significant other, a family or a few girlfriends. Just you, the ocean, the road and a few little tourist towns along the way.

via tumblr

The Southern States and Little Boardwalk Towns of America
I love the culture of the south. New Orleans and Miami sound like fun party towns and the little tourist towns in South Carolina and Georgia sound amazing. The boardwalks, the little shops, the settings of many great summer love YA stories.

South Carolina Coast via discoversouthcarolina.com

Europe in General
I would love to backpack around Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, etc. with friends for a few weeks. I would love to explore the big city centers and the cute little villages.


I love Greek food, plus of all the places I've listed so far, these islands have to be the most naturally beautiful yet. I would say that about the Caribbean but those islands are rather commercialized.

via tumblr
Bali, Indonesia
Ever since I watched Eat, Pray, Love I could not get over that place. I need to go there. There is so much to offer on that one little island. Night markets, resorts, beaches, rice paddies, food, surfing, cities and tourist attractions plus serene countryside.

via tumblr
via weheartit
I love Thai food and the country looks gorgeous. I know I say that about every place on this list, but it does look absolutely amazing.

via beautifulamazingworld.com
I would love to hear about your top three places to visit on your bucket list in the comments. Cheers!


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