Would You Read a Book Without a Happy Ending?

I've often thought this. The real world has unhappy endings. People commit suicide, people die lonely, people are nasty. Yes, they could have seen a counselor, dealt with their issues, been nicer and gone out of their house. But books, TV shows and movies have all given us these unrealistic standards that as soon as something dramatic, drastic or difficult happens in our lives we will end up okay and with a romantic partner that loves us completely and unconditionally all in the matter of a few days, weeks or months. Like that's realistic. I'm a teenage girl and I have not yet met a teenage girl or a boy that has had something horrible or odd happen to them and end up with their soul mate. 

Really? Yeah, but not in like three days. Healing takes time. Stupid authors 
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Sure, soul mates exist, I totally believe that, but in the lives of teenagers and most single adults, timing is a bitch. And no timing happens in three days. (Sorry Sixteen Candles.)

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My point is, if a book existed that was actually realistic about the love lives of teenagers and young people, would you read it? If you assumed a book was another sappy, young love story in the YA section and then you discovered that the ending was heartbreaking, where the character did not the guy or whatever, would you be okay with it? Or would you be horrified and upset that the author would have the nerve to be realistic?

I've always wondered if an author dared to go against the love humans have for positive endings would the book even be published? And if it was published, would humans accept it?

I would love for you to cure my curiosity on this subject and comment below with your thoughts. Cheers!


  1. I'm sure I've read many a book without a happy ending, although admittedly none in the YA book section (that's never been my thing). I guess Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier would be one, there's others but non that I can remember off hand. While having a nice rounded off ending is ok, life isn't always like that so I don't really expect books to be either. It's certainly not anything that would stop me from reading or enjoying a book that's for sure.

  2. What about the hunger games? A happy ending in a way but not an instant one and someone very important and close dies, I don't want to spoil the ending of people haven't read it but I wouldn't really call it happy.
    I think you've got a point but it tends to only be badly written books that have those impossibly lucky and unrealistic endings.
    my concern is what happens during the happy ever after- we have such unrealistic expectations about that, I'm sure that's why so many ppl get divorced- real life happily ever after is boring, monotonous and hard work!! Not flowers and rainbows.
    Good, thought provoking post.
    Rach xx

  3. I would read it and wouldn't mind reading something real. I think all the happy ending stories are sickly sweet.



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