High End vs. High Street- Blogger Challenge

Being honest, I am such a scrooge (see here) that despite my desire to want pretty, expensive things I will not buy them. So when we were asked to do a High End vs. High Street (Drugstore) products I panicked. I have no experience with high end products other than a few peeks into Sephora to try on products that I could never afford and what I see on beauty blogs and YouTube videos. Then I saw that doing a wishlist was allowed and I was so relieved. So none the less, here are the high end products I desire:

I consider Essie and OPI to be  high end products. Why would I pay $8-12 for a nail polish when I can buy three of four half-decent nail polishes for the same price? To humour myself I decided to look at every Essie colour ever on their website specifically for this post. And now I'm in love with their colours and want to waste a whole whack of money on pretty nail polish. Grrr. When I used to read Seventeen magazine all the time there would always be Essie ads in them and I loved those ads because they always seemed to have the exact colours I had been looking for at that particular time. Their colours always look so pure in their ads. Looking through their website I found that In the Cab-ana, Where's My Chauffeur?, Avenue Maintain and Naughty Nautical are the perfect ocean blue/teal colours, Fishnet Stockings, Shearling Darling, A-List and Forever Young are the perfect wine/deep red colours. Also Angora Cardi and Bond With Whomever are beautiful lilac and grey colours and Fondola Gondola and Eternal Optimist and Fiji are nice neutral light pink colours. Mint Candy Apple, Turquoise and Caicos and First Timer were absolutely perfect green/turquoise colours. For corals, Tart Deco and Capri were nice but Resort Fling won my heart. It is the absolute perfect peachy, light coral colour that I want for spring.
Right: Turquoise and Caicos via whatorlidid.blogspot.com Left: Resort Fling via essie.com

A few weeks ago I peeked into Sephora and noticed the all-glorious Naked Palettes. I couldn't resist trying the colours on my wrist and I saw what everyone was talking about. The Basics Palette has never interested me and it didn't in person either. I knew that the third palette was mostly pinks but I didn't realize it was all pinks which really disappointed me. Don't get me wrong, I love me some shimmering rosy eyeshadow but if I was actually going to buy a palette I would buy one that had a variety of colours like the first and second palette. The first and second palettes lived up to all my expectations. Both the palettes had a lot of variety but were also mostly neutral and shimmery which I would appreciate if I was to buy one.

Naked Palette on bottom, Naked Palette2 on top via prideandpearls.blogspot.com

I've heard a lot of good things about Nars. Especially their cheek and face makeup. Missglamorazzi has been raving about the Laguna Bronzer and Orgasm Blush for years, which are also available as a duo together. Zoella often uses their Creamy Concealer and I've also heard many good things about their Tinted Moisturizer. To be honest, their packaging has always intrigued me because it always looks so sleek.

MAC's eye products I always seem to hear such good things about. Their eyeshadows look amazing.
I just wish I could afford them and make my own palette. Also, their brushes would be a really nice asset to my little, but growing make up collection.


That's what I would buy if I had lots of money. If you had a ton of money to buy beauty products with, what would you buy?


  1. Love this post. I would buy Hourglass products as I would love to own some and I have none of that brand in my collection.


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  3. NARS Sheer glow/ tinted moisturiser and creamy concelar are faves of mine I recently discovered NARS -I'm never going back haha. I love Essie polishes, I have the Naked one pallet on my wish list, I hate spending so much money on one product if it's great quality or skincare though I don't mind the investment. If money was no option I'd love to go on a mega splurge in a Space Nk haha…




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