January Blist

The first month of 2014 is already over and I can't believe it. There have definitely been things I've been in love with this month and some I haven't been crazy about. 

Things I've Loved:

MissGlamorazzi. I subscribed to her channel in the beginning of December because I loved her #DIYDecember vlogs and after that was over I wasn't really crazy about her videos. I found them too girly and even thought about unsubscribing but over the last two weeks I've discovered that I actually really liked them and all her ideas are very natural and doable for everyday which is awesome.

All My Christmas Chocolate. It's almost gone and it has been so good.

Jennifer Lawrence. If you don't love her, you must have a problem. I've always loved here because she is flippin' hilarious but I finally watched the Hunger Games. (Took me long enough.) I really did enjoy it and am looking forward to seeing the next one. 

The Fact That Leonardo DiCaprio is finally nominated for an Oscar. Who isn't excited about that?

My new found, all glorious Granola Recipe. I will be doing a post on this sometime in February and will link it then. I've been enjoying it so much.

Macklemore's Grammy Performance. It was so powerful and inspiring that I've watched it multiple times since.

The 1975. I've been liking their music for probably about eight months now but I finally listened to their full album and it has been on repeat ever since. My favourite tracks are Chocolate, Girls, The City and Sex.

XO by Beyonce. Also, did you see her performance at The Grammys? I thought it was racy but she and Jay-Z were ridicously cute.

Buzzcut Season and Team by Lorde. They're both such beautiful songs.

Things That I Didn't Love:

Lorde's Grammy performance. She is a wonderful singer and I really like all of her songs but she needs to take some dance lessons from Beyonce. She also seems very shy and it shows in her performances.

The fact that it's still winter. Gross. 

Things I'm Looking Forward to:
Spring Time. I really need some sun and shorts weather.

Travelling in the spring.

Shopping for spring and summer clothes. I'm currently on a weekend getaway in the city and can't wait to shop tomorrow. Yay!


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