Halloween Sucks

I don't have anything against Halloween. Not the least bit. Why would I complain about a holiday where I get to look ridiculous, get free candy without stealing and am allowed to eat a crap load of candy and no one questions me? But along with those wonderful things of Halloween comes the sadness of no longer being a child. Long since past has my opportunity to cuddle up in a furry lion costume and get extra candy because I'm so darn cute come and gone.

Let's face it, being a teenager on Halloween sucks, unless you're vandalizing your community, toilet paper-ing or egging houses or setting off fireworks, it's lame. Teenagers are left with the question of, "What are we gonna do on Halloween?" The thrill of dressing up has kind of passed or you're just too cool to dress up. And while the thrill of free candy is still present, adults are more reluctant to give out candy to barely dressed up, too old teenagers that might blow up their neighbourhood with fireworks in a few hours. As Eric Forman of That 70s Show once said, "We're too old to trick or treat and too young to die."

Along with the conflict of what to do on Halloween, also comes the conflict of whether your parents and your friends' parents will let you all trick or treat. Some think by the time you're eleven you're too old to while others think eighteen is a perfectly fine age to stop.

That said, the last two years have been pretty good. I have more freedom of where I want to go and what I want to do. Usually I end up at one of my friend's houses and help hand out candy then go trick or treating. And the truth is, I've discovered that the people Halloween really sucks for is adults who have to lug around their cute kids that get all this candy while the parents stand there absent-mindedly and get a package of rockets if they're lucky. Yeah, sucks for you.


  1. hey my name is katie too and i so agree, im fifteen and there is nothing to do on halloween
    it would great if you could cheak out my blog, it would mean the world www.katieatkinson22.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I'm glad another teenager agrees with me. That said, I do love the freedom of Halloween night I have as a teenager. I'm able to hang with who I want and pretty much do what I want.



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