Summer- Stereotypically

Summer. It's supposed to be the time of relaxation, sunshine, fun, friends and family, love and forgetting the real world and all the cares that come with it. Right? Apparently not. Packing and unpacking, going from place to place, parents getting mad that you're not making money, working too much, dreaded family vacations or simply being bored to death takes place of carefree, lazy days. Isn't it the ideal to run around at the beach with your friends all summer? Eat ice cream, stay out late, dance around bonfires, fall in love with the boys of summer and maybe get an easy job at the cook shack? Yeah, if you happen to live in a tourist beach town. Summer for most teens is not that magical. Nor should it be romanticized that much. Thanks country music.

Don't count yourself out if you're an adult. Summer doesn't really exist for you unless you live in a tourist town or are a teacher. Summer just means hotter days at work while your kids go off to daycare or stay home alone doing God knows what. You tend to complain about our teenage laziness during the summer while you stress out and work your butts off in the sweltering heat. Fun.

But the secret to a carefree summer is not to move to some beach town but to enjoy the little things about summer. Kick your shoes off. Jump in the water with all of your clothes on. (Oh no! Your designer shirt! Gasp!) Have your morning coffee outside. Barbecue. Watch the sunset (or rise). Climb a tree. Take a morning jog. Stargaze. Go camping. Because those are the reasons summer is so romanticised in pop culture.

Believe me. There is nothing better than sitting on a fence, in the middle of a field and watching the sky burst into colour before the sun goes down. Even if there isn't a summer boy to enjoy it with you.
Enjoy the view... the ones in the middle of nowhere are the best.

We Can't Stop- Oh please do stop

There have been so many parodies and comments posted on the internet about Miley Cyrus's outrageous new song, "We Can't Stop". And my oh my what to say about it. 

I feel that if Miley were to just make a mediocre video that people might actually appreciate the song to some extent. For those of you who have not seen the video I don't know whether to tell you to watch it for the sake of knowing what's going on in pop culture or whether to tell you to run far, far away from that video. The actual song is really just your typical summer anthem, party pop song. Give or take a few weird lyrics. But the video is so absurd that you don't even know what to say about it.

In the video Miley twerks on, humps and makes out with anything and everything. There's a lot of money. Just straight up cash. I'm not really sure if that is supposed to be some deep metaphor about wordly problems or just for the sake of it. There's a guy in a bathtub full of bread. A girl cuts off her fingers and bleeds bubblegum pink blood. Miley's outfit is ridiculous. Not in a Lady Gaga-esque way but just too tight and not necessarily what most people would wear to a party. She also tackles a girl and and grabs a lot of butts, especially of girls, which really makes me ask the question: Where's Liam and does he know about this?

Really, we should be used to the madness in modern music videos. (Hello Lady Gaga!) But at least with most of these videos we mostly question why they must be humping objects or dancing around naked or have a bunch of animal costumes dancing around. Though Miley's video could be considered just another out-of-this world, stupid video but I feel like this video has taken everything weird that has ever been done in pop culture and gone Amanda Bynes style. Completely out of whack and control. And still it seems no one was prepared for this insanity, nor was expecting it.


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