Confession: I'm a Scrooge

I love shopping. It has to be one of my favourite things to do. Searching for new things, finally getting things that you've been longing for, getting amazing deals, there's nothing else like it. Especially for a country bumpkin such as myself, actually getting to a large city center and wandering down a busy street filled with cute shops or going to a shopping center or mall is magical. The one thing I hate about shopping, though, is that I have to spend money. The horror.

Ever since I was little, I've always liked saving money. Looking back, I was never saving up for a new toy.
I was just saving for the sake of having money. Even now, spending over $20 on a single item is a scary idea. I don't know why I think that way, but I do.

Sure, I will blow through $100 while shopping easily. But I will get a lot of stuff for that $100. I won't just get a few items. If you check out this recent post you will see that I bought quite a few things including five tops, a wallet, a bath thing from Lush and a pair of sunglasses for about $70. I will walk away from something even if I love it because it's a few dollars more than I am willing to spend. (Sorry future kids. You might end up with a house in a ghetto because the nice house in the nice area was $5000 to much.)

Some people may see this personality trait of mine as a bad thing because I'm no fun or I'm cheap. But I think that though this is a bad trait for someone who likes to shop, it's a wonderful trait for living in the real world outside of malls. It means I won't be blowing money on unnecessary things, I will always pay my rent on time and I will make sure to get good deals on important things like wedding dresses, vacations, cars and houses (not that I'm planning to get married more than once).

So while my peers all waste their money on their first cars and trips they can't afford in the next few years I will be sitting on my very small amount of money that I have saved from working all the way through high school and college. Plus, I will not be going through the next twenty years of my life in debt.


  1. I use to be that way, and somewhat still am but certainly not as tight as I use to be with money.

    I was always saving my money for a rainy day, a just in case may I need it, but I was doing it to the point that I wasn't enjoying life in the now, I don't always fall for consumption and materialism but I have a love for books, vintage and vinyl records - but I wasn't buying stuff because, well I thought it was just unnecessary. Actually being with my husband has changed that - we don't have tonnes of money, we pay the rent on time, we put a far amount of money in savings each money, we pay towards student loans, pay a little more of the credit card off, car loans, bills, yet we'll still eat out, we'll still treat ourselves.

    I don't understand why you consider buying a car is a waste of money though? It's pretty much a necessarily in some places and as for trips - well I debate blowing all our mortgage savings to go on a nice holiday somewhere. And I mean if you have the chance to see a new place, travel the world why wouldn't you?! Life is to short to not find that balance - I use to fear money, really fear it, but it's a lovely way to treat yourself.

    1. I don't fear money. I've just always been a bit of a scrooge. I want to travel and I will while I'm in college. I'm not saying that my peers are bad with money, I've seen a few of them save up for the last few years for a car which is a necessity in our town but I'm fortunately getting a hand-me-down beat up car from my parents. A lot of my classmates want to take fancy trips when we graduate that none of us would be able to afford. (Like a $5000 trip). Right now, I have a good job and am more financially stable than I've ever been but I still need to save for university and other expenses like a prom dress and gas money. That said, I'm planning on going to a concert and doing a huge shopping trip in the near future. All I was trying to say with this post was that I am a bit of a penny-pincher and like anything, being a bit thrifty has its pros and cons. I also make myself sound worse than I actually am for the sake of humour and I'm getting better at it.



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