Best of Pinterest- Christmas Edition

I love Pinterest. Especially this time of year when it's filled with picturesque winter scenes, glowing, festive lights and overly-indulgent recipes and crafts galore and everything else Christmas-y. I've been scouring Pinterest for the best ideas of the season for the last month. And now I think it's ought to be time to start decorating, baking and having the nicest Christmas season. That said, I have only tried one of these things out of the entire list. You can see all of my Christmas pinboard here and follow me on Pinterest here.

By the way, though the lists are numbered they are not in any particular order. 

Kiddy Cookies &Crafts:

1. Bottle cap snowman. Cheap, easy, cute.

2. This would be so simple.

3.I made these last year with my brother. They were okay. But it's a really cute idea and kids like making mini Rudolphs. 

4. Buttons + Twigs or Popsicle Sticks + Glue + String = Cuteness.

5. The lights in this picture are actually kid's thumbprints. I can't even wait to dip my fingers in the paint and do this!

6. Burnt out Christmas light + liquid glue + glitter + ribbon = A really easy way to re-use old light bulbs.

Prettiest Winter Scenes and Cutest Pictures:






Adult Crafts, Homemade Gifts and Decor:

1. Decoupaged newspapers + decorative ball + glitter + gift tags.

 2.This is just excess pieces of wrapping paper rolled up in a festive Christmas tree arrangement and glued onto a canvas or framed material of some sort. I truly think the neatest ideas, and truthfully my favourite Pinterest ideas are ones that re-use materials that would otherwise be thrown out. Plus, you don't have to spend a ton of money and attempt a craft you can't even do.

 3.This has to be the funky-est decoration I've ever seen. The great part is it's so funky that you don't ever have to hide it away in a box the other eleven months of the year. Plus you're re-using Christmas lights.


 I love the idea of festive centerpieces on the dining table over the holiday season. I've see various ones all over Pinterest but the most common ones (and simplest to make) seem to be mason jars with ribbons at the top and filled with candles or tea lights, water, red berries, green leaves and tree trimmings or  filled or covered with Epsom salt to provide the look of a frosty, snow covered world.





 I've always found homemade soup or hot chocolate in jar gifts kind of lame for some reason. But I thought these little light bulbs filled with either candies or herbs to be mixed with sour cream for dip were really cute.

Things I Don't Have the Patience/Tools/Money/Talent/Time To Try (Food-Wise): 

I love making cupcakes and I always make chocolate mint ones at Christmas time for gifts. But who in the world has the time to make fondant or really wants snowflakes that badly to buy it from the store, roll it out and cut intricate snowflakes? OCD, Pinterest-crazed housewives, I guess.

 Or to pipe these magical designs?


 I know that you're probably thinking how crazy I am to be putting this in this category. I mean, they're just brownies you could buy from the store, strawberries and icing. Yes, I realize that, thank you very much. But I don't want to make brownies nor do I want to waste money on crappy, imported strawberries. I'll just make these in the summer. Whatever.

 I hope you are able to try some of these ideas or some other great ideas that I might not have come across on Pinterest. If you have any ideas from Pinterest that didn't make this list leave a comment. I love to hear from ya'll.

*Disclaimer: All ideas and photos do not belong to me. They are owned by their respectful owners. I just found these ideas via Pinterest.


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