It's So Exciting!!! #2014BloggerChallenge

I'm so excited! It's Christmas and there's snow and decorations and amazing vlogmas and DIYDecember YouTube videos. 

But also I'm really excited for 2014 because I'm part of the 2014 Blogger Challenge. 

 I will be trying my best to do 2 of these challenge posts a month. The idea of this challenge is to write about stuff I wouldn't normally write about (I'm forewarning you now) within a community of bloggers. I'm really excited about getting my blog involved in something bigger than my own little world. But the best part is that you too can expand your mind (and your blog) to something bigger than your own little world. All you have to do is go to this page and either comment or email Gaby with your email, blog URL and name. You will be emailed in return with all the info and the first topic will be sent out on December 9th, which also happens to be the deadline to sign up for this challenge.
I feel like this next year is going to big year. (Don't we all say that every year?) But, especially for my blog and my writing. This past year I really figured out where I want to be and where I'm going  and am starting to find my voice in every story and article and post that I write. I guess you can say that this amateur has really been set aglow (haha puns).

Also, I would like to warn you that all my posts for the next month will be super festive. And I'm not really sorry about it either.



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