Festive Hot Chocolate

I love hot chocolate. I love hot drinks in general. But there's something about hot chocolate at this time of year.

I do not make hot chocolate like the average human being, though. But since I am a nice, above average human being I decided to share my above average recipe. (Overuse on the phrase "above average"? Maybe.)

What you'll need:

*This only makes one serving
A mug full of milk, preferably a Christmas-y mug.
Hot Chocolate Mix (I use a homemade mixture that is one part Dutch Cocoa for two parts icing sugar. Dutch Cocoa makes the mix not as sweet as most bought mixes. It's available at most whole food and specialty food markets.)
Mini marshmallows, whipped cream, candy canes, festive mugs (mine had teddy bears!), etc.

Here's what you do:
1. Pour milk into mug(s). I hope you can do this without spilling.
2. Stir in 1 1/2-2 teaspoons of hot chocolate mix. Add marshmallows. I repeat, ADD MARSHMALLOWS BEFORE HEATING. They end up softer and puffier and yummy-er.
3. Put mug into microwave. Mine usually takes about 1 minute but today, because I was using a different mug than usual, it took about 1 1/2 minutes. Marshmallows will puff up, don't worry.
4. Take mug out of microwave. Usually I just hang a candy cane off the edge of the mug and I stir it, but today my candy cane was broken, so I crunched it up and sprinkled it over the marshmallows and IT WAS DELICIOUS.

I hope you guys enjoy, this unoriginal and simple idea for hot chocolate. :) Merry Christmas!


  1. Hey, I nominated you to do the Liebster award, the rules and everything are on my blog :)





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