November Blist

Another month gone. I can't believe it. Not to mention it's almost the end of the year. But none the less, I liked things this month and a few greatly disliked things and I thought you should hear about them.

Things that I Loved/Liked/Appreciated:

SNL in general. I mentioned my new found love and appreciation for this show last month. And that love and appreciation is just continuing.

Rob Ford's shenanigans. Wait, what? Though it is so overexposed and I'm sick of hearing about it, laughing at other peoples' idiocy provides great entertainment.
Funny? Not really? Fine. (via

And the fact that a member of the SNL cast played him in a hilarious sketch made my week.

Revlon Super Lustrious Lipstick in #740 Certainly Red. I really like this colour because it's nice and red and certainly red. Haha. Punny. But it also has some pink undertones so it doesn't wash out my very fair face. As well, it easily smudges which can be good and bad as I can blend it into my lips more so I can still wear it to school but it also means that it smudges all over my face quite nicely and gets easily rubbed off when eating and such.


My vacation that I took at the beginning of this month. It was just so lovely and I did a ton of shopping which you can see here.

Moisturization. 'Cause baby it's cold outside. And that means my skin is disgustingly dry, specifically in my face area. Ugh. So to counter this predicament I use Clean & Clear Morning Burst Moisturizer with SPF 15 on face and Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Hand Cream on the rest of me.

Paramore's new album "Paramore". I know it came out in April, but I just got my hands on the album. "Still Into You" and "Fast in My Car" instantly became classics for me when the album first came out but as I have been listening to it on repeat for the last two weeks I can say that though I enjoy all of the songs on it, I particularly enjoy "Ain't It Fun", "Grow Up", "Last Hope", "Proof", "[One of Those] Crazy Girls", and "Be Alone". It has a bit of something for everyone who's single and under thirty.

Pinterest Christmas Everything. I've gone Christmas pinning nuts and have been this way for like two weeks or more. Early? Normally I would say yes, but this year, though I'm not quite ready for Christmas carols and specials yet. But I am preparing myself and starting planning my baking, crafts, gifts and my heart for the season. You can follow me on Pinterest here and you can follow my Christmas pinning madness here. 

Speaking of Pinterest and Christmas, I'm really excited for my next blog post. It's going to be the best of the best ideas for Christmas that I've found Pinterest. It will be published around December first, hopefully. Make sure to check it out then.

Lady Gaga's SNL performance. Lady Gaga was a fabulous host, showed off her incredible voice and her unexpectedly good acting skills (as in I didn't know she could act until then) but her performance made me cringe. It was like a bad version of a Madonna performance. I don't know which was worse: her dance moves or the song she sang. I actually preferred her famously outrageous performances to this one. Though I did not mind the fact that it was a calm performance with a normal jumpsuit and long, flowing hair the song just made me want to cringe. If you feel the need to watch this, you can here.

I hope you all had a lovely November as did I. Cheers!


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