Writing Prompt: I'm Like Smeigel?!

"Write down the interior monologue you experience when you sit down to write." - from 642 Things To Write About by The San Francisco's Writers' Grotto

Positive Voice: "This is gonna be great! You've got a caffeinated drink, a good playlist, everyone is out of the house. You are really going to write a fantastic blog post/article/chapter of a novel that you will probably never finish."

Negative Voice: "Took you long enough. It's already 11 am."

Positive: "Whatever. I got up as soon as everyone left at 10. Besides, I had to eat, do some chores, do some yoga, drink some coffee, read that new issue of Vogue, listen to some music, scroll through my social media, look somewhat presentable for sitting home alone all day in front of the computer. Geez!"

*Types a few lines
*Good song comes on
*Gets more coffee
*Does some dishes

Negative: "Get back to work! Stop dilly-dallying."

Positive: "Oooohhhh. Good word. You should really use it in that article about how beautiful our town is/ blog post about your monthly favourites/creative novel endeavor."

*Types a few more lines
*Re-reads what you've written so far

Positive: "That is one of your best yet!"

Negative: "But how do I transition to the next paragraph!? Ugh."

*Negative voice screams obscenities at computer
*Externally a few grunts of frustration and agitation come out

Positive: "Maybe tumblr or pinterest will have a good quote."

*Scrolls through tumblr and pinterest for five minutes.

Positive: "Ooohhhhh....I wonder if that dramatic Facebook argument ever died down. I wonder if that friend ever messaged you back. I hope that lady emailed me back. That was urgent! Ohhhh pretty picture. I must reblog that. I wonder if there's any new posts on Bloglovin. Why hasn't Zoella made a new video yet this week!? Miley Cyrus made a new music video that everyone's gawking at!? Well, I just have to see what all the fuss about it is."

*Checks all social media outlets

20 minutes later....

Negative Voice: "You lazy butt! Get to work!"

*Goes back to work

Negative Voice: "I still don't know how to transition into my next thought!"

Positive (In a high-pitched cheerleader voice): "You're a good writer! You can do this! Make your goals a reality! Yeah!" 


One hour later....... (with a few internet breaks)

Positive (cheerleader voice): "Yeah! You finished! Woo-hoo! Good job! Go you! You are such a good writer."

Negative: "And that is why you could never be a full time writer. You're constantly distracted."

Positive: "One day I will write a marvelous book. You'll see. I'll make a small fortune."

I really enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoyed reading this. And we've all discovered that inside my head lives Smeigel. Great.


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