Bucket List: Places I'd Like To Go But Aren't My Number One Priorities

Welcome to the third segment of my bucket list. This list are the places I would like to go visit but didn't make the cut for the first segment (link).

I would love to see all the Mediterranean countries. There's no real attraction or reason for me to go to Spain, but I would love to just hang out in the hot weather and beaches, like I would in most of the places on my bucket list. I've also never heard any complaints about Spain.

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The Countryside and South of France
I am such a sucker for beaches, so I would love to see Southern France. Plus, we always hear about Paris
and Southern France but never the countryside, other than "that's where the wine and cheese are made." So I would like to see the wine country/countryside just for my own curiousity.

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This one was the one I really questioned whether or not to put it on the first list. The culture is amazing there. The markets look just wonderful and so out of my own little world.
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I would love to learn how to properly salsa dance. I kind of know the basics, but I would love to know the proper way and I think the only way to know would be to go to Brazil. Plus it's an excuse for more beaches. I would also love to explore the rainforest.
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 South and Central America in general
I think this would be a wonderful backpacking adventure to do in college. There's lots of hiking, nature and culture that would make a good, cheap trip for college.

The UK: London and Edinburgh
I had never really wanted to go the UK, but I've recently realized that it might be a fun little place to visit. Edinburgh looks especially charming. I would also like to travel around to the smaller villages because they all look so enchanting and majestic.
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 Hawaii, Preferably Kaua'i
Hawaii is one of those places everyone seems to go to eventually and it's very commercialized, but I've heard that despite the grand resorts, it's still really beautiful. The reason I'd want to go specifically to Kaua'i is that most people don't go there. Everyone seems to go to Maui or Hawaii or Oahu, but Kaua'i is the Garden Island. I really like flowers and it's not as commercialized so I feel that I would be able to see more wild flowers that are natural to the habitat and the natural scenery than I would on the other islands.
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Beaches, surfing, kangaroos. What more could anyone want?

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New Zealand
This place has incredible scenery. That's really the only reason I'd want to go.
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The Alps sound fabulous. I would love to stay in a chalet and ski all the time.
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Near Thailand, this place has the qualities of Southeast Asia but has some really tourist-y things to do. Things like tubing down the rivers and ziplines. The only thing is, it's not the most together of countries so I would be weary of ziplining or doing anything extremely dangerous.
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I hope you guys enjoyed this saga. I love bucket lists and traveling so I really enjoyed writing this. I hope you enjoyed reading it just as much.


  1. Uuuu lovely list! :D I haven't been to Morocco yet, but it is definitely on my list as well! :D


  2. Such beautiful places! I definitely want to go to ALL of these places as well.

    Ray | Obey Ray



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