Bucket List: Things I Want To Do

Welcome to the second part of my bucket list posts. This is the things I would like to do or accomplish in my life. Some of them are ridiculous. Some are goals that are going to be hard to reach. Some are just for fun or to cure my own curiousity.

Go To University

Have a job that I love that preferably has something to do with helping people and working with kids and teens.

Get married

Have kids


Be in the Ellen DeGenres audience

Swim with dolphins

Walk in a tropical rainforest

Buy an awesome house

Go to a spa

Dive off a cliff into the ocean

Swim or snorkel in a coral reef

Swim under a waterfall in a tropical place

Ride an elephant

Ride a camel

Make a pretty wedding cake with white fondant and piping pattern

Change someone's life for the better

Play hide and go seek in Wal-Mart

Volunteer somewhere in Africa

Become fluent in French

Learn some Italian

Live in a desirable city like Paris or New York for a few months or a year

Finish writing a novel

Go to a music festival

See a ballet

Live a life full of culture with lots of good food, traveling, going to shows, etc.

Live a happy life filled with smiles, laughter and love

What is on your bucket list? I would love to hear in the comments below. Cheers!


  1. My big ones at the moment revolve around buying a house and visiting Washington DC to be honest - good luck with achieving yours!

  2. I' m with you on a few of these, especially the one about living in Paris... sighhhh someday!


  3. I think it would be fun to be a part of the Ellen DeGeneres show audience, but she can be a bit unpredictable so I think I would be a bit too scared to go.


  4. Awww I love your list it's so creative! :D I haven't made a bucket list yet, but maybe I should. ^_^




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