Bucket List: The Places I Would Not Be Okay With Not Seeing

'Tis the time of year to make goals and convince yourself that you are magically going to transform your life into one where you're always in the moment, smiling, adventuring, taking pictures, etc. But I decided to take a different route and do a few posts over the next week or so about bucket lists. I love lists and bucket lists are my favourite. I have a very big bucket list so I decided to divide this new segment into three parts: traveling: the places I wouldn't be okay with not seeing, to do and traveling: the places I would be okay not seeing. So without further adieu, here is part 1 of my bucket list: The Places I Would Not Be Okay With Not Seeing:

Paris, France
I think if you travel a lot and never go to Paris then you're doing traveling wrong. There must be a reason it's one of the top tourist places in the world. The food, the fashion, the culture all seems so magnificent.
Both pictures via tumblr

All of Italy
Rome, Venice, Milan, Sicily, Amalfi, Florence, I would love to see it all. The food, the history, the culture. Oh my goodness, it all looks so amazing. Italian food is definitely one of my favourite types of food. And their language is incredibly bello.

Amalfi via sanatkaravani.tumblr.com

Rome via tumblr
Venice via flickr
Lago di Como via flickr
I love Indian food. And of course, the Taj Mahal is a spectacle. Plus the Goa Coast looks like a big beach party waiting to happen.

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Monsoon Shore, Goa via tumblr
Caribbean Islands
I use to have millions of pictures of the white sand beaches and resorts all over the walls of my room. I love the ocean and the Caribbean islands seem to have the most majestic of waterfronts.

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Hong Kong 
I don't really have a particular reason for wanting to go to Hong Kong, it just seems like a very bustling and bright city that would be interesting to visit.

New York City
I think this is a pretty self-explanatory one.

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San Francisco, California
I don't think I would enjoy LA very much but San Fran seems like a wonderful little place. It's one of those places people don't usually go to for a particular reason. There's no great monuments or museums or resorts. There's nothing really tourist-y but it looks like an interesting and beautiful little city where you could walk around with the family and take photos and window shop in for a few days.

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Oregon Coast, USA
I would love to just drive and camp down the Washington and Oregon coast. I think that would be such a fun trip to do with a significant other, a family or a few girlfriends. Just you, the ocean, the road and a few little tourist towns along the way.

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The Southern States and Little Boardwalk Towns of America
I love the culture of the south. New Orleans and Miami sound like fun party towns and the little tourist towns in South Carolina and Georgia sound amazing. The boardwalks, the little shops, the settings of many great summer love YA stories.

South Carolina Coast via discoversouthcarolina.com

Europe in General
I would love to backpack around Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, etc. with friends for a few weeks. I would love to explore the big city centers and the cute little villages.


I love Greek food, plus of all the places I've listed so far, these islands have to be the most naturally beautiful yet. I would say that about the Caribbean but those islands are rather commercialized.

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Bali, Indonesia
Ever since I watched Eat, Pray, Love I could not get over that place. I need to go there. There is so much to offer on that one little island. Night markets, resorts, beaches, rice paddies, food, surfing, cities and tourist attractions plus serene countryside.

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via weheartit
I love Thai food and the country looks gorgeous. I know I say that about every place on this list, but it does look absolutely amazing.

via beautifulamazingworld.com
I would love to hear about your top three places to visit on your bucket list in the comments. Cheers!


  1. This is a great post! It's made me want to pack my bags and jump on the next plane out of Scotland going anywhere hot haha!
    Hopefully you'll be able to visit all of these places at some point , ideally my top 3 places would be; florida, new york and the dominican republic :)

    Natalie xx

  2. Hey, I love this post. My top 3 destinations would be South Africa, New Orleans and Montenegro.


  3. Hmmm hard choices but certainly Fallingwater in Pennsylvania, Washington DC and St Petersburg in Russia. For some reason New York has never been a place I've ever wanted to visit.



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