#2014BloggerChallenge: New Year's Inspiration

The first topic of the #2014BloggerChallenge was to share a quote or picture that inspires you and will inspire your readers in the New Year. 


This year is really going to be a deciding factor for my future. It's going to be stressful but I have complete faith that I can do it. I've always worked hard and this year's not going to be any different.

This past year was rather stressful for me and I worried about stuff I had never worried about before. There were definitely times that I actually scared myself and was acting unlike me. This next year is going to be a stressful year but I know I can make it. But despite my stress, I have to be kind to people no matter how tough it is.

So there are my goals and inspiration: to work hard, not stress or worry and be kinder. I think these are very universal goals that everyone should strive for for their entire life. Sure, losing weight or being more organized are great goals and they might improve your life but if you don't try or work hard at whatever you do, whether it be school, jobs, hobbies or your goals and aren't kind to others then achieving your other goals and improving your life will be nearly impossible.


  1. We are on the same page here, because this year is going to be a deciding one in my life and I know already that there will be a lot of stress coming up. But I also know that if I stay focused and work hard, that will mean that 2015 will be my most amazing year yet! ^_^ So I hope that we both accomplish our goals and that we will make this year a less stressful one than it will be! ^_^


  2. Great post, very inspiring.saying is easier then doing as like you I find myself getting stressed and I worry far too much, try to find new ways to unwind this year hopefully. Can't wait for your topic I'm doing blogger challenge too :D x




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