Summer Cooking Bucket List (2014BloggerChallenge)

For this #2014BloggerChallenge we were supposed to write a summer bucket list. As I said in this post, I
am planning on living life to the fullest this summer and really living in the moment therefore I don't have many goals or a bucket list. But I do want to cook more so rather, I have a cooking bucket list.

Orzo Greek Salad. I love Greek salad in the summer and orzo tastes delicious with it. I've never tried cooking orzo so I think it will interesting to try.

Tomato Sauce Who doesn't love some spaghetti? I think every chef should know how to make a simple tomato sauce. With tomatoes in season soon, it's the perfect time to be finding my staple tomato sauce. 

Fresh Fruit Frozen Yogurt/Sorbet/Sherbet There are lots of recipes for various types of "almost ice cream" in which you do not need an ice cream maker for. I intend on trying some peach and strawberry ones.

Creme Brulee I have never had creme brulee yet it has always intrigued me and I would love to try making it some time- hopefully in the near future.

Cappuccino Ice Pops

Green Smoothie
Salsa This is another thing I think every chef should have a staple recipe for. (In other words I think all chefs should know how to make tomato things.) I would particularly like to try one of the simple no-cook ones.
Coffee Syrup I saw this on Pinterest and it interested me greatly.

Lemonade I love making lemonade in the summer and I feel like this summer I really need to get the recipe down.

Hummus I love hummus in the summer but I have never tried making it, so it is a major goal of mine this summer to try making some.


  1. I love Creme Brûlée my chef friend taught me how to make it and I've been obsessed ever since. Great post I love your food twist on the topic :) xx



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