The Glorious First Week of Summer

 One of my goals this summer is to take more pictures (though that's always a goal) but also live in the moment. (We'll see how those two work together.) But that means I want to share some pictures with you all. I will hopefully be doing one of these posts once a week as long as I take enough pictures.

I started off the week with seeing 22 Jump Street which was AM-AZING!!! Honestly, it was just as good as the first one and had some funnier twists. It was also more heart-wrenching. I'm not going to give anything away- but you should definitely go see it if you have the chance.

While I was in town for the movies I did a bit of shopping of course. I hit up Wal-Mart and The Body Shop.
There were fantastic deals at The Body Shop which I couldn't resist.
 I got a full size Brazilian Nut Shower Cream for $5 (normally $9) and Chocolate Lip Butter for $2 (normally $6). That's right $7 for what would normally be $15. I'm especially excited about the Shower Cream for the colder months as I know it'll make for an amazing bubble bath.

At Wal-Mart I just got an NYC Eyeshadow in Best of Broadway.

I have also been cooking a bit and eating some delicious food as I tend to cook more in the summer when I have more time.

I made a delicious, sweet vinaigrette which I'm hoping to do another post about. I know it doesn't look that attractive, but it is seriously delicious.

I also made some chocolate cupcakes which were delicious and some granola which wasn't that great.

As well, with more fruit being grown this time of the year, I have had some delicious breakfasts.

I hope you all have had a fabulous first week of summer. Thanks for stopping by!


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