Another Week of Summer Fun

I know I have been doing a lot of these lately, but I love doing them as they are something I love reading as well as writing. That said, I promise I there are some makeup and food posts coming your way soon.

I have had a lovely past week.

I went out for a friend's birthday and there was a gorgeous sunset that evening.


I went on vacation with my family where we went to an amusement park and did a bit of shopping. While I really didn't take any pictures of the amusement park. I did take a few around one of the quaint, little towns I explored on this trip.

Yes, Internet, this book exists. 

I also had some amazing food on this trip. I got to try The Olive Garden and Red Lobster. I learned how to make delicious virgin mojitos. I ate focaccia  bread with cranberry reduction balsamic and olive oil. I also tried truffle and garlic infused olive oil as well as raspberry-red wine Italian dressing (in other words a pink-coloured, sweet Italian dressing).

A fabulous virgin blueberry mojito made by moi.

I obviously had a fantastic week, how was yours? I hope you all are enjoying the heat and are having a lovely summer! Cheers!


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