A Day of Delicious Coffee and Beautiful-ness

I have had an insane week and a half which is why these pictures that were taken a week and a half ago are being posted now.

One of my very best friends and I went into the city about a week and a half ago and had an amazing coffee at one of my new favourite cafes. I had a latte and my friend had a london fog. I didn't realize that London Fogs were that good. I think I will definitely order one next time I hit that cafe. 

We also discovered the cutest creperie....
.....Where there were also des beaux fleurs

It was such a lovely day. It was sunny, gorgeous and I discovered many new places and things in a city that I often go to. 

There is another post like this that will be posted in the near future. I hope you have all had a fabulous few weeks. Cheers!


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