Summer Adventures

I've always craved adventure. Maybe it's my stay close to home, hometown pride upbringing that's made me want to go and have a taste of the rest of the world. But I have always wanted to travel, to get lost in a city and have an exciting story to tell when I get home. Despite the fact I've always craved adventure, I am not an adventurous person by nature in day to day life. And I kind of blame that on my upbringing and DNA. Neither of my parents are adventurous people by nature and have not traveled much. While I've always had wanderlust in my veins. While I don't think of myself as adventurous, I crave adventure. But I've never been rebellious at all. While often rebellion and adventure go hand in hand and are often confused, they are two very different things. Adventure is taking a gap year after high school to travel whereas rebellion is running away from home at fifteen to travel.

While obviously travel, wanderlust and adventure are commonly associated together. I've realized in recent months that adventure does not always mean travel or becoming rebellious or doing something really erratic. I can have adventures without all of that. And that is what I intend on doing this summer.

Yes, I am traveling a bit this summer but to places I've been to before. But that Does not mean I still can't have an adventure. And while I'm staying close to home I can still have adventures. Adventure is hanging out with someone that I don't usually hang out with. Adventure is exploring the area, meeting new people, trying something new, and living in the moment and enjoying every sweet, succulent minute of it. In fact's first definition of adventure is this: an exciting or very unusual experience, while the second and third definitions have to do with doing something hazardous and our usual associations with the word. 

So have an adventure this summer. Cook something new. Kiss someone on a whim. Live in the moment and milk life for all that it's worth. Carpe Diem and have a fantastic summer. I know the adventurer is living inside all of us.


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