I'm your shot of espresso

Today I will be writing about something a little different than what I usually write about. I've been meaning to do a writing prompt for awhile but it just hasn't been on my mind, so here it goes. I will be writing about an object that represents me.

I am like a cup of coffee. How, you ask. Simple. I am full of life, energy and always in a sunshine-y, bubbly mood. I love to make people smile. But I am human and I do get grumpy, tired and annoyed. Sometimes my facial expression confuses others. Sometimes things come out of my mouth that I don't mean to or people (usually those that don't have a sense of humour or don't understand my sense of humour) get mad at me. But usually, I believe people are happy to see me. Sometimes I want to put care and effort into my looks. Other times I do not give a crap. Sometimes I feel cute and sweet and ready to take on the world. Other times, I just want to get through the day and not necessarily be the kindest person, but still end up making it through the day without gritting my teeth (too much). I'm not a crazy hyper, bouncing off the walls, ADHD, always talking loony-tune. I have energy and am cheerful, but I like to relax, take my time, be mellow and on the rare occasion, somewhat quiet. I like the simple life and taking time to smell the roses.

How does this relate to coffee, you're probably asking by now. Well, let me tell you:
Like a cup of coffee, I have energy and exude smiles, as does coffee. Some (crazy) people think coffee is too bitter or too strong and not worth the bad taste to get the energy they need, just like sometimes my facial expressions confuse people often. But coffee can be surprisingly good and you can always add sugar, just like people think I'm really upset or confused when, really I'm just trying to absorb what the other person is saying. Or people just don't get my sense of humour like some people really need to alter the taste of their coffee to drink it. (That's how diabetes happens my friends.) Sometimes coffee is really good tasting and it's made just to your liking, whereas other times you will drink five espresso shots just to get through the day. Similar to how I sometimes care what I look like, other times, I don't. Coffee can be relaxing. Though it is often drank first thing when you get up or throughout the day while you stress at work. Just like I have the energy of coffee (on some days) but I like to take my time, relax and smell the roses. Just like coffee should be drank.


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