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It's the end of October. For me it signifies the end of fall. I love October. There's Halloween, candy, pumpkins, lots of yummy food, beautiful autumn days and colours. It's wonderful. But then November comes and it brings the "aww crap, it's cold again... again. Ugh." This month there were definitely some ups and downs this month with pop culture but the change of more fall-y weather brought me cozier, more stylish days.

Things I Like/Love:
One of the things I love most about colder weather (and truly, one of the few) is the fact that I can be so comfy and still look uber-cute. A big sweater, leggings or jeans, boots or flats, a scarf or pearl-y bracelets, a beanie and some red lipstick and I'm done. Whereas in summer, I can't exactly wear my pajama shirt and spandex out in public.

For cosmetics, I have loved these things, which also happen to be some of my fall essentials:

(From left to right)

Ginger Sparkle Hand Cream from Body Shop. My hands are starting to feel the grief of the colder weather and I've been stealing this from my mom. Not only does it help my hands, but it smells like premature Christmas baking...mmmm.

Bodycology Enchanted Forest Fragrance Mist. Such a good scent for this time of the year.

NYC New York Color City Duel 2-in-1 Lip Color in #422 Cherry Blossoms. Yes. Two-in-one lip colour. On one side it is a frosted pink shade and on the other it has a lovely, rosy, bright pink that just lights up my face.  I've been using this lipstick for awhile now and I adore it.  I tend to use the brighter colour more. I first bought it because I had never tried a brighter lip colour and thought it would be a good baby step into red lips (which I have yet to try.)

Hard Candy Baked Eyeshadow in #718 Pink Interlude. I've just been using this in the last month and I love it! The shades are nice, more neutral colours and are excellent for everyday wear. They are quite pearly and sparkly which give my eyes a nice glow. I like contouring the two pink shades. I also like the other two colours just on their own. I highly recommend this one.

Darker Nail Colours. These are my personal favourites from my collection.

Some actually decent pop music (kind of). I'm not really a big fan of pop music in general, but I'm liking Katy Perry's Roar and Britney Spear's Work B****. They send some decent messages that I think are very important for the world to hear right now.

The fact that it is officially Sweater weather.

SNL has been amazing so far this season. I don't usually watch it, but cable has started sucking on Saturday nights this fall, so I've had no choice but to watch it, which is fine with me. Tina Fey and Miley Cyrus were both awesome hosts. Tina Fey's 'Girls' parody was the most hilarious thing. And all of Miley Cyrus' sketches were hilarious and able to bring a fun, light-hearted sense of humour to herself and things like America's government shutting down.

Long, lazy walks. 
'Nuf said.

Zoella. Oh no, I'm getting addicted to another Youtuber, and one who's videos are like ten minutes long on average to top it off. Sigh. Plus she's a very inspiring style blogger, which has been helpful to this thing. By this thing I mean this thing you're reading. As in my blog, Amateur Aglow.

Scentsy. I was recently introduced to it and I was amazed that a space could ever smell that good without someone baking in it. They have a large variety of scents, but I especially love their autumn and winter scents like Central Park Pralines, Manadarin Moon, Perk Me Up, Dulce de Leche, Honey Pear Cider and Frosted Ginger Cookie.

Caspar Lee. Yes, another Youtuber. He's adorable and funny and South African, which are some of my favourite traits (seriously).

Garnier Fructis Curl Sculpting Cream Gel. Last month I talked about how I couldn't find it anywhere. Well guess what!? I found some again and I am so excited to use it. Hallelujah!

Things I'm excited for coming in November: My vacation. I'm going for a short vacation and I'm so excited just to have a fun break in the city, visit some family, shop, relax and drink a decent vanilla latte. Don't get me wrong, I love my small town and have so much pride in it, but I do love cities. And sometimes I do need a break from my typical life at home.

Thing I disliked passionately/caused me grief and angst: This article. There is no need for me to rant about it now as I already did.

I hope you all had a wonderful October, as did I . Cheers!


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