Ugh...It's November

I have some issues with November. There, I said it. It is the most awkward month of the year.

You have your Halloween celebrations on the last day of October, recover from the sugar highs and whatever other influences you may or may not have been under the night before as you greet the first of November. Usually the first week or two of November aren't too bad. And then it all goes downhill. It starts getting frostier and crisper every morning. But the weather isn't the worst part. It's the awkwardness of having no holiday to look forward to (unless you're American). All you have to look forward to are the distant aspirations of the Christmas season.

Every other month has something to look forward to. January you might have the end of a semester and the beginning of a new one as well as Valentine's to look forward to. February there's Valentine's and the closeness of spring break and somewhat warmer weather on the horizon. March you have Easter, spring break and the start of the spring season. April may bring showers but there's also flowers, greenery coming back to life and such spring like things. May has more flowers, better weather and more signs of spring. June is the beginning of summer, the end of school for some and longer days. July and August are summer. September is the beginning of a new school year depending on where you live. You have a refreshed brain, hopes and prospects for the next year and a new found energy. October is the beginning of sweater weather. It's filled with Halloween, pumpkins, leaves and the last of the warm weather and longer days. But November is just cold but not snowing yet (at least where I live) and dark and cloudy and ugh.

Plus there's the early Christmas frenzy. Which is great, I've definitely started preparing for the holiday season, but there is a point when I don't want to be hearing every Christmas carol ever written on November the first. The holiday that's supposed to be joy ridden and heart warming is a holiday we're all sick of by December first. I get the corporation, let's make this holiday full of fake, buy-able joy part of Christmas. It obviously has been marketed very well and that's okay, but I'm sick of companies advertising it before Halloween.

November just sucks! If you have a reason that November has a reason not to be hated leave it in the comments. I'd love to hear from ya'll.


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