5 Products Mini Review

Wow. My first ever product review. I never thought I'd ever only write about fashion, beauty and lifestyle, but as of lately, I have been. But don't worry, one of these days I'll find something to complain about or write a short story about. Haha.

I often find that product reviews are a little sparse, so instead of doing a simple product review, I decided to review five products briefly that I've recently purchased for spring and summer.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Beauty Balm

I was really excited to try this as I have never used a BB cream or tinted moisturizer ever in my life, but I'm a little disappointed, I must say. It did do everything the package claimed it would do, which is great and I love that it has SPF 30. I thought it would be more of a cream, but it was super liquid-y, which I was not expecting at all. I knew that it wouldn't have great coverage, but I was definitely expecting a bit more coverage. I feel like you need to have really good skin for it to work well for you, which I do not have. That said, it felt pretty buildable and if you put a lot on, you could possibly get a decent medium coverage. It also didn't last long, which I don't like. I really like the packaging and this will be awesome for traveling in the summer as it's a tiny bottle and is only 30 mL so you could take it on a carry-on. Overall, my first impression wasn't great, but I do think I'll get lots of use out of it in the summer none the less.

NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in #724A All Over Bronze Glow

I already have one of these in Rose Glow which is a peachy-pink blush with a bit of bronzer in it and I love it. I went for the all bronze one this time and I like it just as much. I've never really used bronzer before and this is a really good shade for me. It's not orange at all, it's light but buildable and I think it would suit most fair skinned people quite nicely.

Covergirl Clump Crusher by Lashblast Mascara

This mascara works very well for my lashes. It doesn't make my eyelashes really intense and enhances them perfectly. I also really like brush. It's normal sized with fine bristles and is curved a bit which I really like.

NYX Black Brown Eye and Eyebrow Pencil

This is closer to black then I would normally go, but none the less I really like this formula and the colour works fine for me.

Rimmel London Glam Eyes HD 5 Colour Eye Shadow in #027 Brick Lane

I really like this palette. I really like the three gold/bronze/brown colours for just everyday either each on their own or together in a bit of a smokey eye. I also like the dark brown/black colour as an eyeliner. The colours are pretty pigmented but are buildable so you can go very subtle or dramatic. My only problem with it is the light champagne/pink colour. It's way too sparkly and pigmented.

These are some products I'm currently testing and mostly enjoying. What are some products that you're currently testing out or eyeing up for spring and summer? Happy Easter!


  1. I had that mascara, too and really likeed it!



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