Very Inspiring Blogger Award

In my nine months of blogging I have come to love the blogging community. So some of us don't have that many followers or aren't the best writers or our blogs look like crap, but no matter what everyone seems to be really supportive. Over the last few months I have been nominated for The Liebster Award and The Sunshine Award and now for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award which is amazing. I was nominated by not one, but two people, which is even more amazing! I was nominated by Julieza and

Award Rules:
1. Thank and link the awesome person who nominated you
2. List the rules and display the award
3. Share 7 things/facts about yourself
4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their blogs to let them know you have nominated them and provide a link to your post
5. Optional. Proudly display the award logo anywhere on your blog e.g. side bar and follow the person who nominated you. 

7 Facts:
1. My OTP is Zalfie.
2. I love writing.
3. I love macarons a lot.
4. My favourite class is French though I also enjoy Socials and English.
5. The older I get, the more I love sleep.
6. I quite like school and always have.
7. I work very hard.

The Day Book Blog
A Different Holly
Jessica Wabbit
Circle of Chaos

I want to let you guys know, as cliche as it sounds, how much I appreciate every single one of you who read this thing. I love your constant support. Over the next few months, I'm really going to try doing different posts and I just hope you continue to read and enjoy the content I'm putting out. Thank you for reading and supporting this. I'll catch ya later!


  1. Oh my gosh, one of my OTP's is Zalfie too, haha! <3 And though I like school as well, I have to say that French is one of my least favourite subjects :P Thanks for the nomination!

    Jenny xx

  2. Katie, thank you so much for the nomination! You are too sweet :) Love your blog! Can't wait to see your new upcoming posts!

  3. The older I get the more I love sleep also! :)
    Thank you so much for the nomination, you're the best! xxo



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