Why The Real Housewives Isn't Garbage

Whenever I mention to people that I love watching The Real Housewives (specifically OC, reruns of Vancouver, Beverly Hills and its spinoff, Vanderpump Rules) they are always appalled that I would be low enough to watch that "garbage". To them it might be garbage, but not for me.

Sure, it's not the classiest or intelligent of all shows, but there are a lot more shows that are a lot lower than The Real Housewives. At least not every second word is beeped out in The Real Housewives. I would like to argue that these "stupid" and "unintelligent" shows have taught me a lot about life and love and I believe have affected me positively. And for your benefit I have put what these "crap" shows have taught me into a neat list.

1. The Real Housewives has taught me that it is okay to be the nice girl, just as long as your "kindness" isn't "offending" anyone else.
2. Sometimes the people who "hate" drama are often the instigators because they have to butt into everyone else's business and try to "control" the situation or, in other words, add to the screaming and trash talk.
3. Just keeping your mouth shut is usually the best solution I've learned.
4. Always google who you're dating before things get too serious, otherwise you might up screwing around with a rich dude who has a pregnant wife.
5. Sometimes mean people are the funniest.
6. Always trust the foreigner. They are almost always the Switzerland, fix any problems they're involved in a blink of an eye, have the best judgement of people and their personalities, are hilarious and typically, the most emotionally sane.
7. Sometimes the people you thought were your friends end up causing you the most trouble/drama.
8. Blabbering away about how you're going to confront somebody usually causes more drama, a typically unnecessary gang-bang of confrontations that involves everybody. Somebody usually ends up crying and/or leaving.
9. The best, most effective, successful  and positive confrontations are done by just saying what's wrong politely, quickly and respectively and involving few people. Also, giving the other person a chance to talk, when it's their turn, is very effective.
10. Never attack old wounds just to prove your point, especially when they are in the process of healing. Knowing when to talk about them is a delicate situation. In other words, don't unless absolutely necessary.
11. People love to blame others and hate forgiving. Adding a semi-genuine I'm sorry for....(put whatever mildly offensive crime you committed here). You don't actually have to be genuine. But blaming yourself even when you did nothing wrong, in your eyes, makes the situation pretty much instantly disappear.
12. Try not to hate someone so much that World War 3 starts. It just causes problems for everyone else.
13. Things can escalate extremely quickly and people always take things the wrong way.
14. Humour is the best policy.
15. Try to be consistent as much as possible in everything you do. Humans like predictability.
16. Being overly honest and a straight talker isn't always the best thing. Sometimes keeping your mouth shut and ignoring the situation is the best policy, especially when it's a minor thing that could escalate far too quickly.
17. Don't blatantly lie just to keep friends. Little white lies and keeping your mouth shut is fine but don't say something false just to win friends over or sabotage another person.
18. There's always "queens" or "kings" of social groups. They tend to be good politicians, believable funny and do their evil quietly. Tread carefully with these people, never trust them too much or get caught under their spells of charisma and supposed accountability. 

As you can see I've learned a lot of things from the Real Housewives that I think are important things to learn about people and how to deal with them. Sure, a lot of it is how to deal with catfights, but for someone that was always the victim rather than the bully in elementary school and has a habit of getting angry and just blabbering when an insult is thrown, I think it's taught me valuable things that I probably wouldn't have known how to deal with otherwise.

Yes, the Real Housewives isn't overly intelligent or quality TV. But if nothing else, it's a great show to relax to after a stressful week or day. You can easily engulf yourself into these beautiful women's lives and problems. When I watch it I suddenly transform from a stressed out student wearing sweats to a classy, middle aged millionaire or billionaire beauty queen who's jet-setting off around the world, drinking champagne, eating gorgeous meals, shopping, having beautiful views and homes and socializing with the elite in her city. And if you don't like living vicariously through rich people's life on TV, it is a great show for working out to, background noise or just zoning out to. As well, I think it would be very interesting to study from a psychologist's or sociologist's point of view.

What do you think of reality TV in general? Love it? Hate it? Crap or interesting? Tell me in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I love the Real Housewives, especially, OC, New York and New Jersey. Its total trash, but I do love it.



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