February Blist

I can't believe the second month of 2014 is already gone. And guess what? I liked things this month.


 This Burt's Bees Hands and Feet Kit. (I don't actually know if it's called that.) I got this for Christmas 2012, I think and never gave it notice until I was looking through my beauty products this month and rediscovered it.

Burt's Bees Almond and Milk Hand Cream. This stuff smells like almond extract. It's very hydrating and does leave a residue whilst it takes a few minutes to soak in so I tend to put it on before bed.

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

Burt's Bees Replenishing Coconut Foot Cream

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue Nail Color. This is such a unique colour of blue that is perfect any time of the year.

LUSH's Green Bubbleroon. I bought this earlier this month and had a few baths with it and I can't say enough about it. I used to wonder why people would pay $5 for a one or two time use bath bomb from LUSH but now I understand. They make your skin super soft. 

Zoella's Home Stuff Haul. I really think there should be more home hauls and good bedroom tours like this. (And no, a good room tour is not you vlogging your room for twenty minutes.) If you haven't seen either of Zoella's room tours, I highly suggest you watch them as they will inspire you to get spring cleaning.

Things I'm looking forward to in March:

Spring break vacation! Yay!

More lifestyle posts and some better beauty and fashion posts throughout the month. Plus some better photos, hopefully.

My Birthday!

Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar (hopefully).

I hope you all had a wonderful February. What are some things you're looking forward to in March?



  1. I need a cuticle cream. I'm going to try that Burt's Bees! I'm a sucker for anything lemon scented. ( ._.) Lol. I loved this post! Keep them coming!

    Autumn Renee



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