Perfect Pairs: Eggs and Tomatoes

There are so many things that go so well together that when we were asked to write about a perfect pairing for this 2014 Blogger Challenge post, I couldn't decide what to write about. But I have decided to write about one of my favourite pairings- eggs and tomatoes.

Both eggs and tomatoes have always been near and dear to my heart. There is nothing I love more than fresh tomatoes. And I love making eggs for breakfast when I have the time in the morning. But the two of them together is magical. The tomatoes always add a fresh taste to a greasy egg, potatoes and bacon/sausage meal. But there are more ways to eat it than just a tomato slice or two on the side.

My personal favourite is to put two or three slices of tomatoes on top of a piece of buttered toast under two eggs, either poached or fried, sunny side up. I love the mixture of the soft toast, fresh tomatoes and the runny yolk from the egg. It's seriously the best thing ever!

What's even better is when you have more stuff to top it with. Like cheese, bacon, salsa, avacado, spinach, green onion, etc. You really can make some amazing food out of some eggs, tomatoes, bread and fresh ingredients.

And if you've never experienced tomatoes and eggs, well then you're missing out and I suggest you get on that ASAP while tomatoes are still in season. Have a beautiful day!


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