How To Be A Super Lazy Blogger

Typically I am such a go getter. I overstudy and overwork but manage my time well enough so it seems like just studying and working without the over part. Usually. And while typically my blog is on the backburner from the rest of my life I somehow always find the time to post regularly. Except for this summer. Even without school, this blog has really seemed to be on the backburner for the last few weeks. And if I'm totally honest, I've enjoyed my time to just live in the moment, go on cool adventures and hang out with some of my favourite people.

Lately, it seems just a little bit of work can tire me out, especially when it comes to my blog. I'll add two photos or gifs to a post, high five myself for actually getting around to it and log off. And I hate that. I feel so lazy when I do that. But I know that I shouldn't.

To top it off, I've had a bit of a blogger's block which is why you're reading some minor thoughts going through my head right now instead of a decent post. That said, I've had some awesome creativity for writing stories and drawing and painting instead, which throughout the school year I don't always have since I don't usually have the time. In that sense, this summer has been a nice remix of my creative juices which I have rather enjoyed.

As of September, though I'm hopefully going to have some more hauls and funner posts going up for y'all. Which I hope will make for me continuing to be MIA. So with that in mind, I should be logging off and congratulating myself for getting through writing this post in one go. Yay me!


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