The Fashion Industry: A Crash Course

I feel that the world, in general, is unaware of the truth about the fashion industry. People tend to think that a female model is absolutely beautiful. Bouncy hair, long legs, big boobs, big eyes, thin but with enough curves, toned and tanned. But the truth is that isn't actually what models are. Those kind of models are "commercial" models. And being called a commercial model in the fashion industry isn't always a compliment.

The fashion industry has always fascinated me. The idea of appearance and how we present ourselves I think is very important. Because of this fascination I have read a lot of books and articles by models and have watched way too many seasons of America's Next Top Model. (I can't believe that show is still going!) Modeling is a very difficult, cut throat industry. Presenting yourself well is truly what the industry is about. In today's fashion industry you can't just be a pretty face. You have to have the right look, attitude, personality, photograph, walk and act well and be as tough as nails.

A typical high fashion model today is five foot nine, minimum. If you are even half an inch under that you have a lesser chance of getting work. Having a strong cheek bone, a good attitude, being personable and thin are also assets you have to have as well as having a unique look. The fashion industry no longer likes cookie-cutter, girl next door look. You have to have some sparkle, some edge and a sense of who you are to make it big. These are the kind of models you find in Vogue, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Victoria's Secret Spring Show and the various fashion week shows. If you can get a booking at one of those places, you're truly a top model.

That said there are some commercial type models that do really well. For instance Miranda Kerr and
Candice Swanepoel are more commercial faces but still model high fashion. Whereas Cara Develigne is a very high fashion model but still models for Victoria's Secret.

In the end, being a model is more than being a pretty face, it's about having the whole meal deal, inside and out.


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