Autumn and Winter Essentials/Wishlist

This post may be a little different. I've wanted to a winter and autumn essentials list but when I started coming up with things I can't survive without, I realized that I don't exactly have all of my cold weather essentials. So I decided to make this post as an essentials list as well as a wishlist for what I'm hoping to buy in the near future.

Boots. Though I have a good pair of boots, they're more for hiking around in and casual wear. I need a pair of fashionable boots that will look good with everything.

Leggings. They are definitely a staple piece for any winter closet. Darker, thicker ones are great for lazy days with an oversized sweater and boots while thinner tights give you the option of wearing a dress or skirt during the colder months.
Shorter dresses and Skater skirts. Of course to go with some cute tights you need a shorter, girly dress or skirt. I like the contrast of something light an airy (like a summer-y lace dress) with dark tights and a big cardigan. I really like the style of skater skirts as well, that have been rather popular during winter months for the past few years. They remind me of Rachel Green (aka Jennifer Aniston) on Friends in the earlier seasons when she was a waitress.

Sweaters. The cozier the better. I'm also very excited to go thrifting for some more cozy sweaters in a few weeks.
Top: My own from various department stores
Bottom: More high-end ones I wish I could afford

Lightweight cardigans and jackets. They are a must for layering.

Darker makeup and nail polish shades. Bring out the reds, greys, deep purples and browns. I'm not big on the vampy look (ie deep purple lipstick). But I do like red lipstick because it makes you look more put together on days where you don't give a crap about looks but still have to go out. I also enjoy brown, taupe and grey eyeshadow and deep purple nail polish.

Scarves. Obviously. Knit, lace, infinity, patterned, etc. So cute.

New scents. Despite my love for things that smell like fruity, tropical islands, they definitely have a time and place; and that is not right now. It is time for spices, vanilla, jasmine and splashes of citrus. I love Beyonce's Heat and Bodycology's Enchanted Forest and  Brown Sugar Vanilla for perfumes/body sprays. I am also in love with fragrance brand Scentsy. I love their Mandarin Moon, Perk Me Up, Central Park Pralines, Perfect Oatmeal and Honey Pear Cider scents.

When I go shopping in a few weeks, I'll put some pictures of my new finds. Happy Fall!


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