Ugly Sweaters

Well, it's practically October and we all know what that means- Ugly Sweater Season! Yay! I love cozy sweaters, ugly or not. From cozy cardigans to overly-warm cable knit to those infamous Christmas sweaters. In fact, as I'm writing this, I am sitting in my big beige cardigan that has holes and paint all over it. (Yes, I have washed it.) The great part about ugly sweaters is that they can be so beautiful and fashionable as well.

For cardigans, I like wearing layers with them. Scarves, plain shirts and printed shirts all look fabulous with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. Or you can put them over a light dress with tights and boots for fall. I like the contrast of something light and airy, like a lacy cami and an oversized sweater.

As for pullover sweaters I like layering plaid or denim button-downs either under or over a light sweater. They also look fantastic with scarves and blazers.

The secret to pulling off a classy yet comfy fall look is a balance of light and heavy layers. Making sure your sweater isn't twelve sizes too big will always make it look better. Wearing nice pants and boots is always a plus. And who said a little red lipstick didn't hurt either (simple yet chic). Wearing comfy clothes is so relaxing but can also be very fashionable if you add a dash of chic to your look.


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