A Stylish Walk

Today was a lovely Autumn day. And to add to its lovely-ness it was Saturday. Yay! Of course I had lots to do, as usual, but I was still able to enjoy myself and relax.

Despite the fact that I usually end up wandering around my house for the entirety of my weekend, I still like to look nice. Simply because I have all morning to get ready and no where to be. My go to weekend look is usually a messy bun with a cute bow clip, a comfy sweater, yoga pants and a smoky eye. Cute yet comfy.  Today, I also decided that my favourite sparkly earrings would be a nice touch. And I'm not really sorry about my unfashionable, army green jacket. It's comfy and warm and I feel like I'm in an awesome 80's chick-flick. Deal with it. 

Because it was such a nice day, I decided to take a relaxing walk by the river and take some pictures. The trees were vibrant and full of colour. The late afternoon sun was setting as the sunny, warm air was starting to get a chill. It really was lovely.

I hope you all had a lovely Saturday as well. Happy Fall!


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