Simple Eye Makeup For School- 2014BloggerChallenge

Once again it's time for another #2014BloggerChallenge. This challenge was supposed to be a tutorial, which I was a little weary about as I tend to have quite strong opinions about what types of beauty posts are better as YouTube videos or as blog posts. And tutorials/get ready with me's are something that looks better as a YouTube video, in my opinion. But as I'm writing this, I'm realizing that this didn't have to be beauty orientated and I could have done like a cooking tutorial or whatever I wanted. Silly me. None the less this post is a simple eye makeup look for school tutorial, as the title says. Also, my pictures didn't turn out as I had hoped they would. So now, I will stop my rambling and get on with this post.

For this look I will start off by using the New York Color IndividualEyes for Brown Eyes in #946 Best of Broadway. While I don't have brown eyes, this is a great, little set for just everyday. It's not super pigmented or an absolutely amazing formula, but they are just great, neutral colours that add a nice, subtle shimmer to your eyes.

I start off by using the flesh toned primer all over my eye area (even under my eyes) just to brighten and even everything out.

I then use the lightest colour in the palette which is a lovely champagne just in the inner corners and a bit on the inside section of my eyelids.

I then use the next colour, the light golden colour, on the rest of the lid and a bit in the crease. If you want to go a little darker, you can use the next shade up in the crease and outer corner, though I personally didn't.

Next, I used my NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil in #931 Black Brown to line my eyes. As usual, I did put a little flick in my outer corners.

And I finished the look off with my Covergirl Flamed Out Mascara.

The finished product looks like this:

This is a very typical look for me that I would wear just throughout a typical day of work and school.

What's your go-to school/everyday look? Let me know down in the comments, I'd love to hear! Have a fabulous day!


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