Summer- Stereotypically

Summer. It's supposed to be the time of relaxation, sunshine, fun, friends and family, love and forgetting the real world and all the cares that come with it. Right? Apparently not. Packing and unpacking, going from place to place, parents getting mad that you're not making money, working too much, dreaded family vacations or simply being bored to death takes place of carefree, lazy days. Isn't it the ideal to run around at the beach with your friends all summer? Eat ice cream, stay out late, dance around bonfires, fall in love with the boys of summer and maybe get an easy job at the cook shack? Yeah, if you happen to live in a tourist beach town. Summer for most teens is not that magical. Nor should it be romanticized that much. Thanks country music.

Don't count yourself out if you're an adult. Summer doesn't really exist for you unless you live in a tourist town or are a teacher. Summer just means hotter days at work while your kids go off to daycare or stay home alone doing God knows what. You tend to complain about our teenage laziness during the summer while you stress out and work your butts off in the sweltering heat. Fun.

But the secret to a carefree summer is not to move to some beach town but to enjoy the little things about summer. Kick your shoes off. Jump in the water with all of your clothes on. (Oh no! Your designer shirt! Gasp!) Have your morning coffee outside. Barbecue. Watch the sunset (or rise). Climb a tree. Take a morning jog. Stargaze. Go camping. Because those are the reasons summer is so romanticised in pop culture.

Believe me. There is nothing better than sitting on a fence, in the middle of a field and watching the sky burst into colour before the sun goes down. Even if there isn't a summer boy to enjoy it with you.
Enjoy the view... the ones in the middle of nowhere are the best.


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