How to be Cute

I feel like I often get the compliment, ``You`re so cute, Katie.`` I think it`s because I`m rather short. As in just over five foot one short. But being `cute` isn`t all about physical appearance. I know rather tall females that are cute as well. Another thing before I start giving instructions on how to be cute, please remember that these are guidelines and that if you try too hard at being cute, you`ll just be acting fake. But here goes nothing:

Vertically Challenged
This is one of the key things to being cute. The word cute is often used to desribe children. Those who are short are often mistaken for being younger than they actually are. Therefore being short will add about 50% more cute factor to your persona.

What to Wear
Think of what typical Asian girls wear. For some reason all these little Oriental women have the cutest style. Little skirts with tights, bows in their hair, polka dots, collars,
hearts, sweaters, button downs, etc. Don`t over-do it though (no Hello Kitty please). Also oversized sweaters with too long of sleeves are adorable. And if you`re tiny, like myself, finding an oversize anything, is never a problem.

Having a cute smile or smirk looks good on anybody. Angsty or grumpy is never cute.

Puppy Dog Eyes
If the time is right.

No matter your size or appearance, kindness is always an option and usually the solution. Being friendly, approachable and sweet is always a necessity. Whether you`re talking to a good friend, a street person or a not so friendly store clerk, be kind. 

I hope this helps with being an all around cuter person. Stay lovely!


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