Christmas Update

 Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I do realize that this is kind of a weird time to do an update but that's okay.

I have been absolute crap at posting the last few months as I have been so ridiculously busy and when I have had time to relax I haven't wanted to write. Not that I've ever had a steady schedule, though I do my best to try and post once a week.

The reason I started this blog almost a year and a half ago was to have an online platform for my writing that people could check out, whether it be my friends, family or prospective editors. (I'm hoping to work at a campus newspaper when I go to university, I'm not trying to sound cocky). I enjoy blogging and I feel like I'm finding my niche. But I never started it to become just another blogging beauty guru or get a lot of followers. I started it because I genuinely love writing and this is a fun, different and creative way I can do it. In other words, I'm not going anywhere, I'm just really busy right now and I don't know what the future of my blog holds. There will definitely be times when I don't post for a month or two.

But lucky for you, because I have a lot of spare time over winter break and I will be writing up lots of posts. So you can expect 2 or 3 posts next week and probably at least 1 post a week for the month of January.

With that, I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas! Cheers!


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